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Vintage Razor

My husband started shaving with his grandfather’s vintage 1961 Gillette Superspeed safety razor a year ago. Not a big deal until he found This is a bunch of guys who shave with vintage double-edged razors and then talk about it in various forums. They do talk about other things, but this of course is the big topic of conversation. This only fueled my husband’s love of shaving, especially with vintage razors. It also led him to start trying to talk me into trying it. For months, I refused. I was quite certain that I would cut myself and probably bleed to death (I’m generally not melodramatic, but a girl has her moments). One can only hold out for so long, especially when last week I realized I was out of blades for my razor. My husband loaned me one of his doubled-edge razors and stuck around to show me how to use it. I really did get a good shave. I don’t have to shave as often and it was fun. So, I’m sold! I now own a 1966 blue handled vintage Lady Gillette safety razor and I find myself looking forward to the nights I get to shave. I hate it when he’s right.


About lovelylissie

I love reading, kewpies, butterflies, thrifting, and all things vintage. I am happily married and live in NE Texas.

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  1. gentlemanbeggar

    My that is one fine razor for one fine lady!

  2. Nice razor! Where on earth did you acquire it?

  3. Check out our “vintage barbershop”. It’s been open since 1930 and we still give straight razor shaves in the original chairs. It’s the real thing baby!


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