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Chinese Paper Cut Art

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It’s no secret that I am intrigued by Asian culture and history. I also happen to love crafts. Today, I discovered something that combines both of these interests, Chinese Paper Cut Art. Its history dates back to the Han Dynasty in 105 A.D. Artists use rice paper, scissors, and knives.

They cut intricate patterns and pictures from the delicate paper. These are then mounted on scrolls or wood, framed, or laminated. Most of the time this art is done in one color of paper. Sometimes to make them more colorful they are painted with watercolors or several layers of paper are used.

They were often hung on gates as a sign of good fortune. This art form just amazes me. Here are some of my favorite artists and their work. First up is Rock Xu Yi. His work has a modern touch.

See more of his work here. Another favorite is Ye Kai Yuan.

You can see more of his work here. Shi Li Hua uses scissors to create her paper art. She uses no patterns, but merely cuts the pattern she sees in her mind. Her work is truly amazing.

This butterfly made by Zhou He created a feeling of awe. You can see more of his work here.

This last picture is of a commonly used pattern. The original artist is unknown. I just thought that it was a lovely picture. To learn more about this unique artform and to see other artists and their work please visit China Art World.


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  1. Really nice, congratulations!
    I invite you to visit my work at:

  2. Great post, thanks for sharing! I recently discovered paper as a medium, and started using it in my studio. This was very inspiring. Thanks again!


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