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Thank You!

I just wanted to give a shout out to my dear husband. He enourages my blogging and writing at every turn. He celebrates all the little things I consider milestones in this journey. He puts his photography skills to use, assisting me in taking pics of small objects and occasionally setting a scene. He steps back when I ask and gives advice when I ask. Without him, I never would have found my way around the photoshop software. I am not always the best student. I get frustrated too easily at times, yet he doesn’t give up. He knows I can do it and won’t let me give up on myself. The most amazing thing of all is that he has his own blog, gentlemanbeggar.  I know he has things of his own to write and photograph, yet he always takes time for me.  So, in closing, thank you ever so much sweetie. Your the best and I love you!

About lovelylissie

I love reading, kewpies, butterflies, thrifting, and all things vintage. I am happily married and live in NE Texas.

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