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Isn’t it Boo-tiful?

Halloween is in the air as evidenced by my home decor. Hubby and I love Halloween and each year we host a party. This year’s theme is Alice in Wonderland with a dark twist. Hubby is planning the outside decor with the help of a friend. They have plans to set up a macabre tea party, a skeletal croquet game, headless playing cards, and of course the feel-good catepillar will be there. The indoor decorations are left in my hands. I am quite pleased with how everything looks this year. Not all of the decor is Alice themed, but it is quite festive and eerie.

This banner is new this year. I found it at Target and just loved the script!

We’ve had the tree and tombstones for a few years now. The spiders are candles that were purchased at the Spirit Halloween store. The candlesticks are new this year. On the night of the party, we will spread a deck of cards out on the table as well.

I am very proud of this flea market find. Aren’t these great!?

I wanted to tell you about the tablecloth as well. I bought an orange fall cloth tablecloth and simply covered it with a few yards of spiderweb fabric. It looks wonderful and I’m sure you could use other sheer or lacy fabric. The best part about this is after Halloween I simply remove the spider web fabric and add a fall centerpiece. I am now ready for Thanksgiving.

I am very pleased with the mantel this year. I found the LED candlesticks at the Spirit store, the globes and flowers have been around for a spell, and the raven is a handmade silhouette on black cardstock. It was placed under a plastic dome purchased at a thrift store. The sticker on the orange jar candle can be found on Martha Stewart’s website. Finally, the bat & pumpkin lights were purchased a couple of years ago at Target.

These aren’t really a part of the decor just yet. We plan to place the bottle on a round marble-topped table with a tag that says “drink me” and the candelabrum has a twin that will join it on another table with a chess set. Right now, they are merely props waiting for their place and a really awesome picture. By the way, does anyone know where I can find tiny tapered candles?

We purchased this CD to play the night of the party. Nox Arcana has several other CDs. If interested you can visit the Spirit store or check out theNox Arcana website.

These are neither eerie nor do they have anything to do with Alice in Wonderland, however, they are from my childhood. My mom used to pull these out every year and my little sis and I had the honor of hanging them. They still bring back warm, happy memories and will continue to be a part of my Halloween decorations for many years to come. That about wraps things up for now. I hope to have more pics as my hubby starts work on the outside and more halloween ideas throughout the month. Do any of you have thoughts or ideas on Halloween? Please share. I’d love to hear from you.

Even Audrey Hepburn’s getting in on the fun of Halloween!


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