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Cullen Baker Faire

Every year on the first weekend of November a small neighboring community has the Cullen Baker Faire. All proceeds from the Faire go to the Volunteer Fire Department of which my brother-in-law is chief. Oddly enough, although I’ve helped make fried pies, and kept my nephews, I haven’t actually attended the Faire. This year, however, was different. Hubby and I went this afternoon and quite enjoyed ourselves. There were bouncy fun houses and even pony rides for the kids and live entertainment for the grown ups. We had the pleasure of listening to a very talented local young man. There were lots of crafts booths and we even ran into an old friend. I even found a few things I just couldn’t live without.

I found this journal at a booth called Love 2 Embellish. They also had some beautiful clip boards. The mother/daughter team that creates these works of art have a blog,, which I recommend you visit. I also found the Snowman Soup at their booth. I’m already seeing these added to gifts at Christmas. I hope my sharing sister (secret sister) at church will enjoy hers.

There were a good number of booths selling jewelry. This one had to be my favorite.

It was here that I found my lovely Black Lip Shell cameo!

Another booth we enjoyed was full of woodwork made by Ronnie Hamm. He’s from the Kildaire area in Northeast Texas. My hubby was excited because he does custom work and there is potential for some handmade shaving brush handles. I think you’ll agree that Mr. Hamm does do some beautiful work.

We had a good time watching the blacksmith. I was amazed at some of the things they were able to make.

I found these ladies working on a lovely quilt near the blacksmith shop.

These birds were made out of PVC pipe. I just loved the bright colors.

There were real birds as well as and other cute critters looking for a home.

Would you believe that these roses are made out of wood? They look so real!

I have some beaded combs similar to these that my mom purchased from QVC. I thought the wooden beads were beautiful.

There were lots of items for the kids as well.

That’s it! Our day at the Faire. I hope I haven’t gone overboard with the pictures. My sweet hubby was also my photographer today, and he did such a wonderful job! I just couldn’t choose so I pretty much posted every one. Hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween. I’m a little sad to see the holiday end, but am looking forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas. They will be busy as always, but I love being around family.


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I love reading, kewpies, butterflies, thrifting, and all things vintage. I am happily married and live in NE Texas.

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