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I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas! I have spent a quiet couple of days at home with hubby watching movies and being crafty. It has been so nice to step away from the hustle and bustle of the world and just enjoy being together.

Last weekend we had opportunity to visit a couple of local flea markets and came away with a treasure or two. First, we visited a new flea market in downtown Texarkana. I believe we had visited once sometime ago, and because it is not in a part of town we don’t regularly visit, it slipped our minds. I saw an ad in the American Classifieds and knew we had to visit again. This little shop will definitely be a regular stop. I found a wonderful selection of vintage spools. They will be perfect for a project I have in mind.

I also found this glass jar. I am collecting them to store odds and ends in my new crafty corner. Once I get everything in order, I’ll be sure to share pictures of the new space. Oh, and the buttons didn’t come with the jar. They were already here.

Isn’t this handkerchief pretty! I just loved the colors! Someday, I want to paint our living room pale blue and put up some curtains with pink/red color. That bright spot of color would just be so pretty!

We also a visited an outdoor flea market on HWY 67! It was cold and windy, but worth the stop. I found more vintage jars and a beautiful glass bowl. My husband also lucked out with a double-edge safety razor and Old Spice Shaving Mug for only $1.50.

The larger of these two jars was found right here at home while doing some “Spring Cleaning.” I guess it’s always a good idea to check our cupboards from time to time.

Another place I love to visit is Mozelle’s located in downtown, Atlanta, Texas. One never knows what treasure may found in this lovely little shop. It is a little like a yard sale held indoors. Here, I found these beautiful salt and pepper shakers. I just love the strawberries and they look great in my kitchen!

These vintage Santa mugs were just too cute to pass up. They still have a sticker on the bottom that says TG&Y stores, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. They are a perfect addition to our Christmas decor.

Before I could find the time to clean and photograph all the above goodies, Tuesday rolled around and we were off to Jefferson, Texas with some friends. My husband and two of his friends and been planning this trip for a couple of weeks. They are all shaving enthusiasts and wanted to hang out and look for vintage/antique razors and shaving mugs. They were kind enough to let me tag along and shop for my little treasures. Thanks guys! Jefferson, Texas has a lovely downtown area full of shops. Most of them are antique and flea market affairs. There were so many lovely things to see and I am still mooning over a 1928 set of “Little Women” and “Little Men” by Lousia May Alcott. If only I had the funds for such a wonderful treasure. I did find a lovely lady figurine, a tin box made in England, a Doris Day record, and a head. The head is similar to one I played with as a child. My aunt owned a beauty shop and still had a head she practiced on while in beauty school. It was a wonderful toy!

This head, as you can see, was purchased as a home for my hat. I had more fun washing the hair and making the choker. It reminded me of playing with Barbies as a child. I did indeed get my money’s worth out of this head. If any of you ladies need to feel a little like a child or just looking for some fun, I highly recommend purchasing one of these for yourself.

Before continuing, I must share with you a little something my nephew said/did. He is two years old(almost three) and Monday evening he did not want me to leave. I told him that I had to go home and get plenty of sleep before tomorrow because I was going treasure hunting. Before I could explain further he became very excited. His eyes were suddenly as big around as saucers as he exclaimed, “You’re going to a pirate, arrrrrr!!!!!!” It was so funny and I got so tickled. All I could do was laugh. Now somehow flea markets will always be associated with pirates and my nephew’s big smile.

Finally, earlier today we drove into town and visited our favorite flea market, The Attic. As I usually do in this wonderland of vintage goodies, I found a few treasures. I couldn’t resist a 1955 copy of “The Story of Lousia May Alcott.” These milk glass mugs simply begged to be brought home and finally, I found a candy dish!

Well, there it folks. Our thrifty fun in words and pictures. I hope you enjoyed the tour and if anyone knows anything about the pieces purchased please leave a comment. Finding information on flea market treasures isn’t always easy. I do appreciate any help received.

Have a Happy New Year! I look forward to seeing you all again soon.


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I love reading, kewpies, butterflies, thrifting, and all things vintage. I am happily married and live in NE Texas.

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