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Hope and Joy

I rarely read the newspaper and almost never watch the news. Every once in while I give both a try and find more bad news. I am confronted with death, murder, rape, child abuse, etc. I have often heard talk of our young people today and their lack of respect and I wonder about the future. I am here to say there is indeed hope. Yesterday my three year old nephew cried and practically threw a tantrum. He was mad. He wasn’t mad because he had done something wrong or even because he couldn’t have the toy he wanted. He was mad because he couldn’t help me wash my hands. Yes, you read that correctly. I had stepped over to the kitchen sink to wash my hands and he started to drag a chair over. I finished washing up and told him to put the chair back. He wanted to help and he started crying because I had already finished and he couldn’t help. How many three year olds cry because they want to help and are unable to do so? Following this event my husband and I went to church and found one of our 4th graders in the foyer with a handmade card. She is extremely shy and even confessed to me that sometimes she sees someone drop a book or a pencil and wants to help but by the time she works up the courage the moment has passed. She made a card for a one month old baby boy who has already had the first of several heart surgeries and was standing in the foyer asking everyone who walked passed to sign the card. I believe at least for a little while she found her courage. Thinking about these two occurances I have come to the conclusion that there is indeed hope and in this I find joy.

NOTE: For anyone who might be unaware my husband and I teach the 3rd and 4th grade bible class at our church.


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I love reading, kewpies, butterflies, thrifting, and all things vintage. I am happily married and live in NE Texas.

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  1. OOops!! I forgot to give you your letter: You get L!! Please let me know when you post!


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