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Today’s Flea Market Treasures

About three weeks ago I found this wonderful set of tins at one on my favorite flea markets. Unfortunately, the owner of the booth had neglected to put a price on the tins. The owners of the flea market were kind enough to try and call for me and get a price, but no one was home. I checked back a week later and still no price. Today, however, my persistance was rewarded! The tins were still there and priced reasonably at $7.99 for the set! I was so excited! I scooped them up immediately! They will be a wonderful addition to my craft room.

“Made in Holland” is stamped on the bottom of the tins and if I am not mistaken the pictures are dutch paintings. Aren’t they pretty? Turning around with tins in hand I spied these two beautiful cameos at another booth. At $5 for the set, I simply couldn’t resist. They are exactly what I’ve been looking for to hang on the wall in my craft room. Again, aren’t they pretty?

There are stickers on the back of the cameos that say “A Cameo Creation.” I looked this up on the internet and was delighted to find a blog post from 2007 on my one of my favorite blogs, thriftshopromatic, that anwered all my questions. If you’re interested in learning more just click here. Having made our away around the store, we took our treasures to the register and while my husband was paying the bill, I was wandering through a nearby booth and this tin just jumped out at me. I happen to love butterflies and this tin was beautiful! An added bonus was the $1.99 price tag. I quickly made my way to the register and added it my treasures.


About lovelylissie

I love reading, kewpies, butterflies, thrifting, and all things vintage. I am happily married and live in NE Texas.

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  1. Those are some awesome finds! What are you making these days?

  2. Hi your finds are great i live in bklyn i am a collector for my home of cameo creations do u no of any thrift shops in bklyn that have these pictures if u have any to sell let me no.


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