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Playstation Workout

Back at Christmas, hubby and I purchased a Playstation 2. Our Christmas gift to each other. One of the “games” I purchased was called Kinetic. It works with the eye toy and is basically an interactive workout. I thought it might make the idea of exercise more fun. Today I finally got around to putting it in and trying it out. One can either choose a personal trainer or choose to customize one’s own workout. I chose the personal trainer mode of play. I set up a profile and answered some questions about my current level of physical activity, weight, height, and age, etc. The game then chooses a level and puts together a workout just for me. There are four zones or areas of activities within the game. The cardio zone exercises “are inspired by high energy choregraphed aerobic sequences, modern dance, and contemporary movement.” The combat zone exerciese “are inspired by moves and stances from various self defense disciplines.” The mind and body zone exercises “are inspired by holistic workouts that aid your breathing, concentraion, and flexibility.” Finally the toning zone exercises “are designed to strengthen and tone specific muscle groups. Today’s workouts included the combat and toning zones. I was a bit worried about the combat zone. I was afraid it might prove too difficult. Although it was challenging I had a lot of fun! I’m looking forward to the combat zone tomorrow. I also did some ab exercises which proved more difficult than the combat. This was due to the fact that I am out of shape. I look forward to it becoming easier in the future. The game has a warm up at the beginning and a stretch at the end of your workout. It has a calorie counter and all kinds of charts and graphs to help you see your progress. It also gives you a grade of A+ (master), A (expert), B (professional), C (skillful), D (amateur), or E (beginner). I fully expected to get a grade of E (beginner) and was pleasantly surprised to get a D(amateur). I liked having the personal trainer as well. While I was exercising she was coaching and encouraging me. It was nice to hear things like “way to go,” “keep it up,” “you’re doing great.” I felt like I was on the right track and wanted to keep going. Below, you will find a screen shot of one of the ab exercises. The game gives you two views of your trainer and one of yourself. This helps to make sure you are doing the exercise correctly. All in all it was fun and pretty cool! I plan to continue with workouts and willl check in periodically to let you know how its going and if it’s at all successful. Later, as I do workouts in other zones, I’ll let you know how they play and whether or not I like them. See you soon! Wish me luck!


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