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The Secret History of the Pink Carnation

This book by Lauren Willig is a work of historical fiction taking place just after the French Revolution. It is 1803, Napoleon Bonaparte has taken control of France, and made an enemy of England. The two main characters are Lord Richard Selwick and Miss Amy Balcourt. Miss Balcourt is visiting her brother in France and wants to join the league of the Purple Genetian. Lord Selwick is the famous spy, though this is unknown to Amy. The whole story begins with Eloise, a student at Harvard, who is working on her dissertation in England. We learn of the events surrounding Amy and Lord Selwick through Eloise’s reading of Amy’s diary. The writing was quite good. I became so engrossed in the events in France that I was confused when the author returned to present day. I enjoyed the historical parts of this book much more than the present day. I was also surprised to find a couple of detailed descriptions of intimate events between the two main characters. All in all it was a good book and I was a bit surprised by the ending.


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  1. I am probably the last person on earth to have not read this series. I have this one on my MP3 player. Maybe next month I’ll listen.


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