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Kinetic – Week 2

Week 2 has run into a bit of a snag. Due to user error I will be starting the program over again. I bumped something and caused the game to skip my warmup. I didn’t see a back button so I went forward without doing the workout. I thought I could get things back to the beginning. I ended up having to save even though I didn’t do the workout. The game wouldn’t let me back to the workout. There are three routines to do a week. After doing a routine, it tells you that the next day is a day of rest. I couldn’t undo the save so I was stuck, frustrated, and angry. In anger I deleted my profile. Once I had calmed down I realized that I really love the game and that the mistake was my fault. So, rather than give up I am going to start over on Monday. I did learn something, however. First acting impulsively in anger usually doesn’t help. Although I did feel a bit better in the moment. Hopefully someday I will truly get my temper under control 100% of the time. Secondly, if there isn’t a back button use the reset option on the PS2. I have a feeling I would have had a very different outcome had I thought of that in the moment. On an up note, I weighed and discovered that I had lost a pound last week on the game. This has me rather excited. Although somewhat annoyed, I do look forward to starting the game again.


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