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While perusing my copy of the March 2009 issue of Real Simple the other day, I came across an article about ER’s. The article was full of information about how the ER works and ways in which we can make a visit to the ER as painless as possible. I have worked in the Healthcare Industry in the past and have seen people unprepared for emergency situations and/or long-term care situations. There were a couple of ideas in the article that I believe are important and we should all take the time to do. One of those ideas was a card that can be carried in your wallet. This card has your name, address, emergency contact info, family doctor’s name & phone number, blood type, allergies, and meds you are currently taking. All of this can be very helpful to the doctors and nurses in the ER. Click here to create your card. I made one for myself and my husband. The other idea was Advance Directives. This is much like a living will. It gives you an opportunity to say what measures you want taken to save your life, whether or not you want to be an organ donor, etc. If you ever find yourself unable to communicate with the doctor or are ever in a life or death situation this can make a difference. Without something in writing stating what you want, doctors must take all measures to save your life. This means CPR, ventilator, and life support. Preparing Advance Directives can also give you an opening to speak with your loved ones about what you want. I printed out Advance Directives and my husband and I both filled one out and talked about what we wanted. It felt good to know that this was taken care of and would not be a concern later. To print out your own Advance Directives please click here. Please click here to visit Real Simple and learn more. For those of you who are parents, they have a link to form you can print out that gives your child’s caregiver the ability to answer questions and perhaps even make decisions in an emergency. This could prove life saving. I realize that this is not the most pleasant subject matter, but it is important and I hope this proves helpful.


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