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Kinetic Week 2 – Do Over

Well, week two, the do over, is complete. It was kind of a rough week! While showing some improvement in the Combat and Cardio Zones, Mind and Body is still beating me. I’m not giving up, however. I believe with time I’ll become more fit and will improve even in the Mind and Body Zone. I am getting stronger. There have been a couple of exercises designed to work the ab muscles that I have been unable to perform. Although, I cannot do them as long as my personal trainer, I am now able to do them for at least a count of ten. So there you have it, a slow week without the scores I was hoping for, yet I am still looking forward to each workout and am excited about possible improvements to come! One more thing, I have discovered is the “try again” button. Anytime you feel as if you didn’t do as well as you could have, you can select “try again” and do the routine over. This can be quite helpful. There are times when I cannot figure out where to put my hands in order to punch or move something. “Try Again” gives me an opportunity to experiment until I have learned how to play. I am still singing the praises of Kinetic!


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