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An afternoon date

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Last Saturday my sweet husband came in and suggested we go into to town and see a movie. “Which one,” I asked? His reply was the new Star Trek movie. I was so excited! Yes, I confess, I love Star Trek. I have long been a fan of the original and the next generation series and always go to see the movies. I had recently read an article that had good things to say about the new movie and was anxious to see it for myself. So off we went to the movies and what fun we had! The movie was in spirit everything the original series had been. It was full of adventure and optimism and hope. It was fun to see old familar characters once again. The new actors did a splendid job of bring these characters to life and being true to their nature. For the trekkies out there, give this movie a chance. The powers that be are finally heading in the right direction. For all others, go see it and have fun!


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  1. This was a good one!! I loved it…we saw it last weekend and I was surprised at how much I really enjoyed it. šŸ™‚

  2. I’m a Trekkie AND a Trekker (never watched DS9, though!) … and I thought this movie was absolutely fantastic! Despite it changing the future timelines for all the Star Trek shows except Enterprise, I didn’t care.

    The acting was great – especially Karl Urban who portrayed McCoy … Bones. Had his inflections down to a tee!

    Gotta go see it again!

    • Star Trek made its way to the Dollar movie and we went to see it again. It was still an awesome movie! Afterwards, hubby and I had a conversation about what a wonderful job the actor did playing Bones. He sounded just like Deforest Kelley. As you said, he got the inflections just right!


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