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A New Experience and a Treasure Found

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I have been absent for about a week and I’ve truly missed the blogosphere and you, my dear readers. I was honored to be chosen as a Juror last week for a civil case. I had to report to the federal courthouse in Marshall, Texas. This is about an hour’s drive from my house. This was my first time to serve on a jury and I found it both fascinating and exhausting. It also seriously cut into my reading and computer time! Alas, the trial has ended and I am returning to my usual routine. Aside from the pleasure of a new learning experience, a new discovery was made thanks in part to jury duty. My first day, I noticed a bookstore in Historic Downtown Marshall called Prospero’s Books. We finished up a bit early on Friday and this afforded me the opportunity to pay a little visit to Prospero’s. I was pleasantly and happily surprised. It is a lovely bookstore, owned by someone who loves books and as well as reading. You will find a section dedicated to local authors, one dedicated to poetry, one to first editions, and new books. There is a children’s section and a used book section. All of these offer a wide variety of old and new books that are a delight to the eyes and the mind. For those of you who love a sip or two of java, free coffee is available and there is plenty of room for all to sit and read. I was delighted to discover this gem and will be returning the next time I’m in Marshall.

Prospero’s Books
In Historic Downtown Marshall
210 N. Washington
Marshall, TX

Monday – Saturday
8:00a – 5:00p


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