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On Holiday!

I am writing this from my mom’s house.  Hubby had a little time off and he I are visiting my mom, sister, and the kids.  So far, we’ve really had a blast.  I spent the day shopping with my mom and sis.  I even found a few pretties at the local flea market that I hope to share later.  I’ve had the pleasure of seeing my new baby niece.  She was born in October and is growing much too quickly.  We’ve had fun playing with Carter, Peyton, and Kane (our dear nephews and niece).  I’ve already visited the local bookstore.  I brought a box of books with me hoping for enough credit to come home with a new book or two, however, the owner wasn’t in yesterday.  She’ll be back on Monday and so will I.  I took a little time to peruse the shop and have an idea about what I hope to be able to bring home.  I brought my niece along and let her pick out a birthday present.  I think she had more fun playing the drums and guitar.  One has to walk through the Radio Shack to get to the bookstore and the kind gentleman at Radio Shack found out it was her birthday and let her play a little.  She was so excited!  I only wish I had thought to bring my camera.  A bit later in the week, we are planning to go up to Poteau, OK and visit my aunt and uncle.  I may be out of pocket for a bit as I wish to focus on spending precious time with my family.  I will return and in the meantime want to leave you with a precious picture of our darling girl!


I just adore her dress!  I adore the model even more!


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I love reading, kewpies, butterflies, thrifting, and all things vintage. I am happily married and live in NE Texas.

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