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TV Thursday – Star Trek!

I am once again a little late, but I simply had to join this week’s discussion! I am a long time fan of Star Trek! I used to watch Spock, Kirk, and Bones explore the galaxy with my dad when I was little. I grew into The Next Generation which is still a favorite. I have watched all the movies and am currently making my way through Star Trek the Animated Series. I’ve seen some of Deep Space Nine and Voyager and was an avid watcher of Enterprise. Obviously, I love all things Trek. One of my favorite memories was a Saturday Star Trek-a-thon my dad and I had before going to see Star Trek VI. Yes, we spent an entire day watching 5 movies and then went to the theater the following weekend! It was fun and fabulous! My sweetheart and I saw the newest Star Trek movie in the theater twice and I am excited to hear about it’s coming DVD release. I so loved the new movie that I can’t wait to see it again! As for the question of my favorite Trek goodness, it is without a doubt The Original Series and The Next Generation.


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I love reading, kewpies, butterflies, thrifting, and all things vintage. I am happily married and live in NE Texas.

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  1. Yeah! I think you’re the only one who participates! Thanks so much! A fellow Trekkie yeah! I still have yet to see the animated series, but it’s on my list! I have fond family memories of staying up late and procrastinating my homework in order to watch the Original series and gathering around Sunday night in anticipation of the Next Generation! Good stuff.


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