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Thanksgiving Menu for Two!

In the beginning we spent Thanksgiving with my husband’s family and Christmas with my family. My sister was the only one with kids and Christmas is more fun with little ones who still believe in the magic of it all. One day my brother-in-law announced that he and his wife would be having a little one. Now we had to find another solution. We trade off every other year. Last year we spent Thanksgiving with my family and Christmas with his. This year we stay home for Thanksgiving and spend Christmas at my mom’s house. The first year we spent Thanksgiving here I realized that there would be only the two of us. (My brother-in-law works for the fire department and often works holidays. The family schedule gets a little mixed up from time to time.) I wanted a traditional feast and yet a whole turkey for two seemed a bit much. I finally came up with a perfect menu and this year thought I would share with the rest of world. We can’t be the only ones who have ever found ourselves in such a predicament and others may find this helpful. First, the turkey became turkey sandwiches. My husband loves leftover turkey and cranberry sauce sandwiches, so I bought turkey from the deli and, of course, cranberry sauce. My husband’s other favorite is sweet potatoes with the marshmellows. I called his aunt and sweetly requested the recipe he grew up with and added yummy yams. Finally, I suggest adding a green veggie like my favorite, a green bean casserole. This rounds out the feast quite well and is somewhat simple without having too many leftovers. I like that with this menu I still feel like it’s a traditional meal. I do hope someone finds this simple feast helpful. I wish everyone a happy and safe Thanksgiving!

photo courtesy of Flicker


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I love reading, kewpies, butterflies, thrifting, and all things vintage. I am happily married and live in NE Texas.

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