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by Daphne Du Maurier

Wow! I finished this book late last night and I still haven’t moved past my initial reaction. Wow! This is an incredible book! I heard about it through goodreads and became curious. I happened upon a copy at a library booksale for 25 cents and thought, “Why not?” This was the best 25 cents I have ever spent. I absolutely love this book! The story is told by Mrs. de Winter, the second wife of Maxim de Winter. We see and experience everything through her.  Rebecca is a story of love. It is a novel of suspense and mystery. It is about relationships and the masks we wear as well as the truth hidden behind the mask. It is a beautifully written, incredible tale. I strongly suggest that you run to the nearest library or bookstore and find a copy of this book. You won’t be sorry and I dare say you’ll love it as much I.


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I love reading, kewpies, butterflies, thrifting, and all things vintage. I am happily married and live in NE Texas.

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