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A Feast for the Eyes

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We spent the last weekend listening to a wonderful string quartet playing Brahams and Shostakovich(thanks for the tickets Dad!), visiting used bookstores, antique shops, and the Center for Art & Education. A new art show was opening that weekend and we were privileged to attend. We found a feast for the eyes. This work is absolutely incredible and beautiful and breath-taking. The artist, Christa Nishmuta, was kind enough to allow us to take pictures. I hope you will enjoy!

“I like to think I use my art to connect with people, the places they go, loved ones, memories, or simply pictures in creative spaces that are pleasing to look at. I usually paint because a person inspires me and I think of them while I paint. That painting is an expression of that emotional connection. I think we are all created with these connections and art provides us with an imaginary place to share.” –Christa Nishmuta

Isn’t her work gorgeous!? I just love it! Her work includes acrylic on canvas and pen&ink drawing. If your interested in a print or a painting I will be happy to put you in contact with Christa. Just leave me a comment with your email address.


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  1. Sounds like you had a lovely weekend, thanks to you and to the artist for sharing.

  2. Donna Tunstall

    I am Christa’s aunt and I went to her art show. Little did I know of the depth of her talent. I missed her first art show and have seen only a few family pictures of her artwork.

    I was very impressed with her paintings. I am glad you saw them and enjoyed them as I did. This was a lovely review and presentation of her show. What an honor you gave her.
    Thank you.

    Aunt Donna

  3. love the paintings. i have a fascination with lunar moths and large dragon flies. i will have to get you a moth or some ufo that maybe you could put on canvas. got some unusual ones on film and some that i have found in some random places. keep up the work.

    uncle ed
    aunt barg

  4. Paula Dickerson

    Thanks to you both for posting the pictures of Christa’s art show. It was so much fun to have you with us on that weekend. We miss you!


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