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Vintage Ad Friday – Comtesse Jeanne du Barry

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Comtesse Jeanne du Barry was a great beauty. She was born in 1743. After a convent education, she became a shop assistant in Paris. While working in Paris she meets Count Du Barri at a gaming house and becomes his mistress. He gives her to King Louis XV as a gift. She was in this manner a part of the royal court when Marie Antoinette became the Dauphine.

It is Madame du Barry from which DuBarry Cosmetics gets its name. I came across a book titled, Total Beauty, copyrighted 1972 and put out by DuBarry Cosmetics. The book encourages young women to look inside as well as outside for beauty. It encourages hobbies and reading as a means of improving the mind and spirit and thus improving beauty. It also admonishes young women to eat healthy foods, plenty of fruits and vegetables. Finally it dwells upon the skin care and beauty products made by DuBarry that can enhance a woman’s beauty. It ends with brief history of cosmetics which I found particularly interesting. I also like the facial exercises designed to tone the muscles in the face. They were quite amusing.

Finally, it’s time for the ads. All of which are courtesy of VintageAdBrowser.


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  1. Hello,
    My name is Joe and I work for US International. We are the owners and manufactures of DuBarry Cosmetics. This page is beautiful.

  2. My Mother used DuBarry cosmetics when I was a little girl. I loved those “forbidden” bottles, and the elaborate label (which I remember as having calligraphy lettering). She also used to do the facial exercises mentioned in the article…and I gotta tell you, when she died last year (age 96) few people believed she was really that old! Her face and skin looked terrific!


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