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An Unexpected Treasure!

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Today, a sweet couple from church took us to lunch in exchange for a little electronic help. They had a computer issue and a new Wii to be installed. We have found that the computer guy is often called upon to help family and friends. Anyway, we had a lovely lunch at The Rose Garden cafe which shares space with Butterflies and Roses Antiques. We decided to walk quickly through the antique shop and ta da — two new treasures found their way home. One was a head vase made by Inarco in 1963. I had seen these vases in various places and although I adored them, they were sadly out of my price range. This lovely was the perfect price!

Isn’t she pretty? A little research revealed that several companies manufactured these vases in the 1950’s and 1960’s. They were used by florists and were quite popular. Inarco (International Art Ware Corporation) was founded by Irwin Garber in 1960. I found it quite interesting that it is believed that Garber’s wife, Roselle, was a model for a number of the vases. More information on these darling vases as well as price guides can be found at Kovel’s and The Head Vase Museum.

The other treasure was a May, 1938 issue of McCall’s magazine. I have only briefly flipped through the pages and am delighted by the ads and pictures. I can hardly wait to sit down and read through this little gem. I promise to share any and all interesting items found within its pages.


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