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I’m Still Here!!!

Hello blog friends!  I’m popping in to let you know that I am still here.  It’s been pretty busy since Thanksgiving and I’ve neglected my little blog a bit, but I promise to make it up.  I took another class with Jessica Sprague and had a blast.   The class was titled Inspiration Everywhere!  We made an Art Journal, a mix tape, an inspiration book, and a banner!  I loved making the Art Journal and hope to continue adding to it!  I plan to share pics of everything when I get my banner completed.    We took our newly adopted kitty to the shelter’s vet of choice to be spayed and micro-chipped.  They put her under anesthesia and shaved her belly only to discover that they had already spayed her.  She had been micro-chipped as well and all of her shots had been given by that clinic, yet they had no record!  We will never ever take our baby girl back there again!!!!  Our Christmas decorations are up and the shopping is done!  I didn’t put as many decorations up with the new kitty underfoot, but the tree is sparkling and my snowmen are all smiling!  All in all it has been pretty busy and mostly fun!  I hope everyone is enjoying there holiday time and has a Very Merry Christmas!

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I love reading, kewpies, butterflies, thrifting, and all things vintage. I am happily married and live in NE Texas.

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  1. Oh wow! can’t believe that happened at the vet… how careless of them….. glad you’re having a great pre-Christmas!


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