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My name is Melissa and I am happily married. My husband is a computer whiz, without his help this site wouldn’t exist. I am a homemaker. I love to read and I enjoy crafting, music of all kinds, and movies. I also love shopping especially at thrift stores, flea markets, and antique shops. My hubby and I teach a bible class and are very active in church activities. I adore my niece and nephews and as any proud aunt love to share stories about their escapades. I mustn’t forget my wonderful sister. No one could ask for a better, kinder, more thoughtful sis. I am indeed richly blessed! One of my greatest blessings is my mother. She is my best friend and an all around wonderful person. She stands beside me always and guides my path. Her love and devotion can never be matched!


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  1. Maralyn, the best sister in the world!

    Where is all the information concerning what a perfect sister I am? Don’t you want to share this with others? I love you, big sis!

  2. Maralyn, the best sister in the world!

    I agree! Love you–Maralyn

  3. Brenda Dickerson

    And what about your lovely mother without whom you would not exist? I think I like you alot!

  4. very nice, i enjoy the crafts very much. love the butterfly banner

    good luck!

  5. lovelylissie

    Thanks Patty! I appreciate the feedback. I plan to post more crafty finds so I hope you’ll come back.

  6. I love the blog! I have already checked out a few of the crafty websites. See you at our family reunion!

  7. I was like thoroughly enjoying your blog and then I saw that your name was “Lissie,” and I thought it was probably short for Melissa and IT IS! My name’s Melissa too (very excited because as common of a name it is, I don’t encounter other Melissas often!)

  8. Melissa, what a great website you have! (The better to blog you with, Little Red Riding Hood!) So many wonderful things! I just ordered pendants from “Pieces of Me”, one for me and one for a Christmas present for my sister. You go girl!

  9. Your blog is simply just wonderful and very inspiring. You are such as example of the kind of people we need to be….Keep it coming!

  10. Just dropping in to say hello–am pleased to encounter your blog. Was setting up a twitter page for First Place Records….and decided to google his name & shop name thus encountering a mention in your blog. It’s such a relief to find others who are into vintage locally (I gather that you are in the T-Town area…)–it makes me feel not so much a fish out of water. My appreciation of (or should I say addiction to?)vintage did begin here, but flourished in Austin (lived there from 83-2000).

  11. (Oops! I got ahead of my self in regards to listing my web address….I can also be found at btw.) Anyways I have my hands full w/my own projects (am a newly certified elementary teacher still job hunting alongside of collecting etc, and keeping an eye open for film crew work in Shreveport) but encountered Johnny back in the 90’s at his previous addy and was pleased to see him resurface in Oaklawn Village. I realize that it’s tough to make a go of it sometimes, so have been trying to get him a bit of publicity here and there. Finally decided to set up a twitter feed for him. I admire that you’ve done a blog. I’ve contemplated going thru w/one (I did actually lay the groundwork a couple of times, but haven’t followed through…). Am guilty lately of tweeting more and tending to my myspace page less but I do alternate on occasion, lol. Anyways if you’ve the time, and r so inclined feel free to drop me an email.
    Take care……

  12. Mel, you have an awesome blog. Great job on this!


  13. Great Blog!
    I know we aren’t too bookish and perhaps play a little rough, but please consider us for your blog list.
    Patsy’s Executive Cutters has been open in one form or another as a barbershop since 1930! You still get a great straight razor shave and Tragedy makes his own bay rum. The barber’s chairs serial numbers are all sequential and the wood is zebra mahogany which has been illegal to import from Africa for decades!
    If nothing else we are sincere!
    David A. Elias – blog guy

  14. Just love your blog Melissa! It is just inspiring, and I’ll be back often! Hope 2010 is a great year for you!

  15. Hello,

    Do you mind if I link to your site from my fashion sites?



  16. I just LOVE your website here! It’s simply delightful! My mama (Freida) would have loved it! You were always very special to her. ๐Ÿ™‚ Can’t wait to read every word here! I’m very VERY proud of you, Melissa! ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. What a neat site. You are one very talented lady. Love you my friend.

  18. Hi Melissa, I have been Googling where I can download the original soundtrack for An Affair to Remember (1957) and a Blog from ESTHER called Stax o’ Wax came up but Esther closed that blog and removed the link and there is no contact information. I then bumped in to your website and mentioned that you were one of the lucky ones that was able to visit Esther’s blog while the link was still there and I was wondering if you can contact me please and thank you. I will complete the details section below this Reply Form so you may contact me thank you.


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