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Fifi Flowers Paintings

Fifi Flowers paints the most beautiful, whimsical pictures. They are just darling.

I couldn’t resist a little Holly Golightly. Isn’t Fifi’s work just delightful! Looking at all her paintings makes me smile. Do visit her Etsy shop and her blog!


Lissie Loves. . . .

This fantasy tour of Paris and the Paris Flea Markets on Grace+Ivy.

The amazing art of Christopher Stott found on 79 Ideas.

An awesome blog highlighting the style and wisdom of those older than myself.
Advanced Style

And finally this lovely cupcake stand made using old records. I am truly excited because it does no harm to the records themselves. This cute idea was found on Oh Happy Day!

What exciting notions are you finding around the web?

Highlights From Etsy

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Have you ever seen or heard of A Cameo Creation?  I discovered them sometime ago and fell in love.  They are the prettiest cameo portraits in lovely frames.  They will usually have a sticker on the back that says “A Cameo Creation.”  They were made in the 1940’s through 1960’s.  They can be found in thrift stores, flea markets, and antique shops and are inexpensive.  I fell in love immediately and began my own little collection.  We spent the weekend rearranging a few pieces of furniture which led to moving pictures as well.  I hung a bit of my collection here in the living room.  They are know on my mind so I thought I’d see what Etsy had to offer.  I found some lovely pieces!

1. The Tin Tiara
2. Analogueshop
3. VinTiDgCo
4. TheIDConnection

And now a couple of shots of my collection!

Photo Shoot

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Micah and I decided to head out Saturday for a little shoe shopping and a photo shoot!

Audrey Hepburn Photos

I discovered just the other day that Taschen had published a new book of Audrey Hepburn photos. It was a limited edition printing and super expensive, but cool none the less. All of the pictures were taken by Bob Willoughby from 1953 – 1966. Click here to learn more and even flip through several pages of the book. The following photos are found in the book and were new to me.

I simply adore Audrey!

I don’t remember where I found this picture, but I absolutely love it and had to share! It’s so glamourous and gorgeous!

Fun Flower Hair Clips

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I bought some flower hair clips awhile back which I love wearing. I got to looking at them more closely and decided that I could make my own. So, I bought some silk flowers at Wal-Mart and some barretts at Hobby Lobby and went to work. It turned out to be much easier than I ever imagined.

I simply popped the flower off the stem, trimmed the end flat, and cut a circle of felt. One barrett and little hot glue and your done! Well, I would let it dry before wearingt. Oh, and if you have a flower that isn’t flat enough, you can take it apart and glue the layers, then add your felt and barrett. It’s easy as can be and lots of fun!

My Darling Audrey!

The following photos have been collected from various locations throughout the world wide web. I simply adore Audrey!

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