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A Little Home Decor DIY

While flipping through my copy of Romantic Country I came across this lovely fall centerpiece idea!

I was inspired and decided to get a little creative. I pulled out all kinds of fall goodies and a couple of pedestal cake stands and made this.


Lissie Loves. . . .

This fantasy tour of Paris and the Paris Flea Markets on Grace+Ivy.

The amazing art of Christopher Stott found on 79 Ideas.

An awesome blog highlighting the style and wisdom of those older than myself.
Advanced Style

And finally this lovely cupcake stand made using old records. I am truly excited because it does no harm to the records themselves. This cute idea was found on Oh Happy Day!

What exciting notions are you finding around the web?

Lissie Loves. . . .

This jewelry from Extasia found at Peacock Feathers!

This lovely Denmark Home found on 79 Ideas!

These tea cups are so cute! I found them on the MoodyFashionista and I want to make some with my little niece.

I couldn’t resist this dresser redo featuring Audrey found on dreaming-n-color.

And finally I want to make some of these bookmarks found on Pinterest.

Highlights From Etsy

I love red, white, and blue for summer and as of late have been enamored of all things sailor. In honor of the 4th of July Weekend, here are some sailor goodies found on Etsy.

1. I just adore these sailor totes from bayanhippo!
2. This throw pillow from Mazizmuse is so cute!
3. These earrings from Schmoo1515 are definitely on my wishlist!
4. If only I had the money, this vintage dress from CreatedandCollected would be mine!
5. This Nautical Bunting art print from TheJoyofColor is so pretty!
6. FablesbyBarrie has the cutest sailor swimsuit, don’t you think?
7. I love it when my husband picks up his Bay Rum or Old Spice aftershaves. This mariner soap by swanmountainsoaps contains sandlewood, bay rum, and spice. It sounds absolutely divine to me.
8. The anchor cameo and stripes make this hair bow from KoffinKitten near perfect!
9. I would love to write a letter on this 1930’s era stationary from Monday Pie. I wouldn’t receiving a letter written on it either!

Power of a Smile Day!

Smiles are powerful!  I know.  I am a smiler.  I can’t seem to help myself.  I smile lot!  When I smile, I feel lighter and more joyful.  Smiling spreads cheer and can make others feel loved and accepted.  Sharing a smile makes both people feel less alone in the world.  The greatest compliment I ever received was regarding my smile.  A dear friend once said, “You are always smiling.  You have a beautiful smile.  I love to see you.  It always makes my day.”  Smiles bring hope.  In these often difficult economic times, we may have little to give, but we can always smile!!!!

In honor of Power of a Smile Day and as a way of sharing smiles across the miles with family and friends, I made a few smiles of my own.

These are super easy to make. All you need is magic markers, paper, glue, and popsicle sticks. I used some chalks and pompoms to make blushing cheeks. These would fit easily in a lunchbox, or a letter mailed to a friend. It would also make a good craft for little ones!

Click here for more ways to celebrate Power of a Smile Day!

Have a lovely day and don’t forget to SMILE!

Highlights From Etsy

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I am feeling inspired by the French this week so here’s a little French inspiration for you!

1. alexandraferguson
2. thehopetree
3. SilverTrumpet
4. pamelapopo
5. studiomem
6. moonula
7. JustBeadItDesigns
8. TheFrenchNestCo
9. anythinggoeshere

Lissie Loves. . . .

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Here are a few things I have found this week which I love.

I think my wardrobe really needs a pair of Saddle Shoes. See more lovely pictures over at Behind the Curtain!

I found this article from A Red Lipstick about women, self-esteem, and fashion to be quite interesting.

These birds from Abigail Brown featured on Hello My Dear are just beautiful!

Lastly, I am super excited to hear that a biography of Myrna Loy is due out in October! This is a definite on my wishlist!! Please click here to learn more!

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