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New Items Added to Shop!

I just added a few new items to the shop and wanted to share!

Aren't these beads pretty? I also have one listed that is made with green and orange beads!

I love these glass beads and those yellow crystals are so pretty!

This is my favorite! It's so delicate and of course I love butterflies!

So don’t forget to visit the shop and check out all the goodies!


Highlights From Etsy

I worked full time throughout most of my college career. It was easy to get tired, frustrated, and impatient. It was at this time I read a story about an athlete who was at the top of his game and then was diagnosed with cancer. He beat the disease and worked hard until he was at the top of his game once again. When asked how he accomplished this, he replied that one could not eat an entire elephant all at once. However, it was quite doable one bite at a time. The story stuck with me and I began to view every class, paper, test, semester, etc. as one more little bite. This image has served me well anytime I face a daunting task. I have also come to look rather fondly upon the elephant. I discovered many wonderful elephants lurking about Etsy.

1.  LadysMania

2.  hotSupplies

3.  Gingermelon

4. surfaceinspired

5. TheWhistlingCowgirl

6. MenuetDesigns

7.  oksancia

8. theluckyelephant

9. theluckyelephant

10. walldecors

11. RococcoCo

I hope you have enjoyed this little Etsy Highlight. I hope to share a little Etsy with you each Wednesday. If you have an Etsy shop that you would like highlighted please send me an email at lissieb7 at gmail dot com. Don’t forget to include a link to your shop and any information about your shop that you would like included in the post. I look forward to meeting you.  Have a nice day everyone!

And the Winner is……..


Hosting my first Giveaway has been a fun experience!  I am grateful to all of you who entered for your support.  And now without further ado, drum roll please… Read the rest of this entry

New Items in Shop! Perfect Valentine’s Day Gifts!

I have put some new items in the shop today!  I made them with Valentine’s Day in mind and feel that they will make lovely gifts!

I also have some other lovely items that are perfect for Valentine’s Day!

So, stop by, visit a little, and get all your Valentine shopping done!

New Goodies in the Shop!

There are some lovely new items in the shop. Be sure to visit and take a peek. These will make perfect Christmas gifts!

Butterfly Dreams

Cast Iron Love

This little shop has some of the neatest cast iron statues and wall hooks! I’m so in love that I can’t pick just one!

Visit MonkeyandSquirrel and bring home your own goodies!

New in the Shop

Pretty new earrings are in the shop now.  They are available in blue, green, pink, and purple!

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