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Welcome Home Baby Girl

It has been quite a weekend. It kicked off on Thursday night when my sweet baby girl, Licorice, decided she needed a little adventure. She’s strictly an indoor cat. She decided to explore the outside world a little and sneaked out. Micah spent 2-3 hours outside in the dark searching for an all black kitty. No Luck. We finally locked up, brushed our teeth, and went on to bed. I woke up at 6 o’clock in the morning and found my husband in the bathroom. He got tackled and sidelined by a stomach bug. The doctor who was by the way really kind and reassuring sent us to the hospital for lab work and an ex-ray. It was just a precaution, but scary and unnerving all the same. We finally made it home completely worn out. We both crashed. Then, Micah heard a scratching sound at the door, he peaked out, and there she was! Licorice is home, safe and sound! I could not have been more happy or exited to see her again. Micah is feeling much better and the rest of the weekend has been much more peaceful. All of this just to say Welcome Home Baby Girl!


Water, Life, and other Stuff

I think we can all agree that water is precious and it gives life. One can’t truly understand just how precious water is until it’s gone. Texas has endured a drought this summer that has led to wildfires across the state. The loss of homes, land, trees, and life has been unbelievable. In our own small part of the state we’ve seen smoke so thick it looked liked great clouds and have found ourselves longing for running water. Our well has begun to go dry due to a lack of rain. There is a bit of water there, but not enough for laundry, dishes, baths, and all the other things which require water. We’ve been doing our best to conserve for the last few weeks and will continue to do so. We are blessed with good friends who have offered us a place to bathe and wash clothes. We are now using paper plates, bowls, cups, and plastic silverware. So far we are doing fine, but this lack of water has sure thrown our routine out of whack. All kinds of little things have come up. Things I never gave a thought to before are now of the greatest importance. Still we are very blessed. God is indeed very good!

I’ve also been very very busy getting ready to teach bible class, planning Halloween decorations and a small party, doing a little shopping, tackling a crafty project or two, and getting ready for my littlest niece’s 3rd birthday party. I hope to have some pictures for you soon. In the meantime here are a few things I’ve found around web that made me swoon.

These pet beds from Pipsqueak & Petunia are just too cute. They have lovely collars too!

I just love this filigree bat necklace found on She Walks Softly. It’s perfect for Halloween!

I would love to visit this tea parlor found on 79 Ideas! Isn’t it pretty?

And finally, I love this little cottage found on Hello My Dear. It’s so pretty. I love the white walls and the pops of color.

I am still here!

Hello dear readers! I hope you are enjoying your summer! I have just returned from a little time off and oh, how much fun I had! We went to Arkansas to visit my family for a few days and then spent a few days just hanging out and taking a break from the stress and responsibilities of life. We did a bit of flea market shopping, went swimming with my sister and her family, brought home some new books, saw the Green Lantern movie, and just generally had a great time. I hope to share my flea market treasures with you soon. I also have a huge list of items for a new installment of Lissie Loves, and several totally cool Etsy shops to share. Please stayed tune for the goodness!

Coming this Fall

Pan Am on ABC

I am very intrigued by this and will most definitely check it out this fall!

Hello Dear Friends

Life has been busy in Texas. We found it necessary to find a new bank. Not exactly difficult, but it has been time consuming. We also started a new quarter at church which for us means training class. On Wednesday nights we study and prepare for teaching in the next quarter. Our subject will be miracles in the bible. I am actually quite excited to have this subject. There are lots of fun bible accounts in which miracles take place such as the fiery furnace and Elijah at Mt Carmel and Jesus feeding the 5000. I hope and pray that the little ones will find it exciting as well. We have managed to enjoy ourselves a little. We opened up a new puzzle we found on clearance at Target awhile back. It is called Jig Ga Zo and it is so much fun!

The box contains three hundred pieces in various shades of sepia as well as software to install on your computer. The pieces have different symbols printed on them. You pick any picture you want and the software makes a map for you to print out. Then, you just follow the map, put all the pieces in the right place, and you have a beautiful puzzle. Micah picked out my favorite picture of Audrey Hepburn. Of course he wouldn’t let me see ahead of time. I had to figure it out as we put the puzzle together. It was a lovely way to spend an evening, especially with old records playing in the background. I also squeezed in an Audrey Hepburn movie (by the way I’m a huge Audrey Hepburn fan). Netflix was kind enough to send me “The Nun’s Story.”

This movie was much more dramatic and emotional than I thought it would be. Audrey did a wonderful job portraying the character’s inner struggle. I also found myself fascinated by life in the convent. This movie is well worth watching. Hubby will get a week off soon and we are already making plans and thinking about what we want to do. Our schedule should return to normal in August. Things are settling down a bit and I’ve been able to make a huge dent in my to do list. I do hope to get back to regular posting very soon. I hope my dear friends and readers are having fun this summer, de-stressing, and staying cool!

Hello Dear Friends

How has your summer been? I do hope you are having fun and staying cool. It is hot and humid here in Texas and although I am enjoying my summer, I am looking forward to cooler weather. I have played with my nieces and nephews, went to a baby shower for a dear family friend. You know, one of those people who although isn’t related is just like family. I have watched Carly grow from a sweet little baby into a beautiful young woman.

It was so much fun to see her and wish her a very happy future. I also went shopping with my niece, mom, and sister. A little girl time is always fun, even more so when shopping is involved. I purchased a pair of really cute, red, heart earrings on sale, and my mom bought me an awesome shirt. After this adventure filled Memorial Day Weekend hubby took a week off of work. We spent it hanging around the house, chillin’ out, and relaxing. It may not have been very exciting, but is was fun and a much needed break. I have found a few treasures lately in our regular visits to the local flea market. I purchased two adorable vintage scarves. I loved the image on this one.

And this one was just too cute not to bring home.

Quite coincidentally, I found this lovely post on Elegant Musings all about vintage scarves. Please do check it out!
I also purchased a glamourous and gorgoreous tiara because every girl needs a pretty crown! It is just one of those little things that can make one feel beautiful and special.

I couldn’t resist this little gramophone pencil sharpener.

One of my favorite finds was this towel with a map of Ireland! How cool is this?

We spent a lovely evening with dear friends grilling burgers and eating brownies and ice cream. It is so fun just to sit and visit for bit. We all seem to be so busy and it’s hard to find a date when everyone is free. Everyone had fun and I know we all cherished the time together. Lastly, but not least, my husband brought home a vintage typewriter. It is an old Remington that the school was going to throw out. Micah rescued it and says he is going to type his novel on it. I think it is cool to have a piece of history sitting on the desk. It’s fun to type on too!

June has indeed been a fun and busy month! We are looking forward to the long weekend. We are not sure yet just what we will do. What about you? Have you big plans for the 4th of July weekend? Wherever you are and whatever you do, have fun, cherish time with family and friends, and please do stay safe!

Smile A Day – Day 7

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