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Kinetic – Week 6

I learned two things this week. First, it can be helpful to look a week ahead and be certain of your schedule. I thought I had a Mon/Tues routine as usual and discovered that it was a Mon routine and then Tues/Wed routine. As a result I missed Monday’s routine. Secondly, I set about to do Tues/Wed routine Tuesday night and again encountered a lighting problem which affected my score. However, hubby discovered that it is possible to tell the eye toy camera that you are in a low light situation. Under options, you will find a eye toy options button. Here you can set it to a dim room or a bright room. We set it for a dim room and it has a made a world of difference. Whether daytime or night, I should now be able to complete all workouts. My overall score for the week was a C. A bit lower than last week, however, there was a great learning curve. Because of this I proclaim this week a success!


Kinetic – Week 5

Week 5 was immensely successful! I discovered that what I believed was a glitch in my disk was in fact a lighting problem. I usually do my workouts during the day, however, occasionally it is necessary to do it later in the evening. Unfortunately, at present, we do not have enough light in the living room. During the day, I lift the blinds and let in as much natural light as possible. Now that we know the problem, we can figure out how to fix it. As I mentioned earlier, I am now doing four workouts a week. Up until now all of my routines have been on the easy level. Some of them now are on a medium level. Also, I am doing one extra routine in most workout sessions. Another change has been the addition of two extra exercises in the abdominal toning routine. In spite of all of this, I ended the week with a score of B. This is an improvement from last week’s score of C. I was most excited to discover that I can now do lunges! When this began five weeks ago I was unable to complete one lunge. Going down was easy, coming up was impossible. No longer! I am now quite able to do the required number of lunges. Kinetic is still a winner in my book!

Kinetic – Week 4

I completed week 4 and was pleased with my results. I was unable to complete the midweek routine due to a glitch in the game or perhaps just my disc. However, I did well enough on the other two workouts to end up with a C for the week. I also set a new personal best on two of the games I played. I was quite excited and had to call hubby immediately. I have offically begun Month 2/Week 5 and have discovered that my games have ungraded from an easy level to a medium level. Also I now have 4 workout sessions a week instead of only 3. This should prove interesting! More news on Week 5 later. In spite of a glitch here and there with my disc I still give the game a thumbs up!

Kinetic – Week 3

My new workout routine is going splendidly. I showed great improvement this week. My first workout resulted in a score of B – Professional. I improved in a combat game I had played before and mastered a Mind and Body Zone game that had completely eluded me the first time I played. I am also seeing improvement in the Toning Zone. I am able to do some activities that I was unable to do when I started this program. I am also still losing about a pound a week. At present I have lost 5 lbs. I feel better and happier and am looking forward to week 4.

Kinetic Week 2 – Do Over

Well, week two, the do over, is complete. It was kind of a rough week! While showing some improvement in the Combat and Cardio Zones, Mind and Body is still beating me. I’m not giving up, however. I believe with time I’ll become more fit and will improve even in the Mind and Body Zone. I am getting stronger. There have been a couple of exercises designed to work the ab muscles that I have been unable to perform. Although, I cannot do them as long as my personal trainer, I am now able to do them for at least a count of ten. So there you have it, a slow week without the scores I was hoping for, yet I am still looking forward to each workout and am excited about possible improvements to come! One more thing, I have discovered is the “try again” button. Anytime you feel as if you didn’t do as well as you could have, you can select “try again” and do the routine over. This can be quite helpful. There are times when I cannot figure out where to put my hands in order to punch or move something. “Try Again” gives me an opportunity to experiment until I have learned how to play. I am still singing the praises of Kinetic!

Kinetic – Week 2

Week 2 has run into a bit of a snag. Due to user error I will be starting the program over again. I bumped something and caused the game to skip my warmup. I didn’t see a back button so I went forward without doing the workout. I thought I could get things back to the beginning. I ended up having to save even though I didn’t do the workout. The game wouldn’t let me back to the workout. There are three routines to do a week. After doing a routine, it tells you that the next day is a day of rest. I couldn’t undo the save so I was stuck, frustrated, and angry. In anger I deleted my profile. Once I had calmed down I realized that I really love the game and that the mistake was my fault. So, rather than give up I am going to start over on Monday. I did learn something, however. First acting impulsively in anger usually doesn’t help. Although I did feel a bit better in the moment. Hopefully someday I will truly get my temper under control 100% of the time. Secondly, if there isn’t a back button use the reset option on the PS2. I have a feeling I would have had a very different outcome had I thought of that in the moment. On an up note, I weighed and discovered that I had lost a pound last week on the game. This has me rather excited. Although somewhat annoyed, I do look forward to starting the game again.

Kinetic – Week 1

Week one of my new exercise routine courtesy of Kinetic and the Playstation 2 has come to an end. So far it’s a big hit! I have enjoyed the routines even the harder ones. I am actually excited about exercising. I look forward to finding out what kind of routine/game I’ll be playing each time and I can feel that the routines are working. I am sore and yet I feel more energetic and vibrant. If you read my first post on Kinetic, then you know that the game gives a grade at the end of each routine. I am proud to say that my overall score for the week was a c (skillful). My grades for each of the routines were a D, C, and B. Not bad for someone out of shape who isn’t so fond of exercise. Oddly enough I have found that I really enjoy the combat zone, which I was a little afraid of at the outset. Cardio is also fun. Toning and Mind/Body are much harder than I anticipated, although meeting the challenge and improving have their reward. I encourage anyone wanting to exercise, but shy of gym and motativationally challenged to try Kinetic.

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