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National Chocolate Chip Day

Today is National Chocolate Chip Day! Now, I love, love, love chocolate in all its many forms, but my absolute favorite is the chocolate chip. Anything with a few chocolate chips added is instantly better. For instance mint ice cream is good, but mint chocolate chip ice cream is better.

The Galley Gourmet

Here are some more chocolate chip goodies.

A ymmy breakfast!

Cooks Hideout


Making my own chocolate chips could be fun!



Chocolate chips and peanut butter! Yum!!


What are some of your favorite ways to eat chocolate chips?


Happy Pancakes!

My husband and I are enjoying a quiet snow day at home.  He even made me these delicious happy face pancakes!

Thank you sweetie! I love you!

Sweet Accessories

I was perusing a magazine when I came across an ad with an illustration of a Ring Pop. I immediately thought that this childhood treat would make a cool piece of flair (Facebook App) and went on a search for images of Ring Pops. My search led me to ohhbetty’s flicker account where I found the following:

I just thought that these were too cool and simply had to share!

Speaking of accessories, you may have noticed a few changes to my blog. I am endeavoring to open an Etsy shop where one may find handmade jewelry and crafts. I hope to be opening the doors soon so come back and be on the lookout for a big announcement and a shop button in the sidebar!

Photographs courtesy of ohhbetty!

Thanksgiving Menu for Two!

In the beginning we spent Thanksgiving with my husband’s family and Christmas with my family. My sister was the only one with kids and Christmas is more fun with little ones who still believe in the magic of it all. One day my brother-in-law announced that he and his wife would be having a little one. Now we had to find another solution. We trade off every other year. Last year we spent Thanksgiving with my family and Christmas with his. This year we stay home for Thanksgiving and spend Christmas at my mom’s house. The first year we spent Thanksgiving here I realized that there would be only the two of us. (My brother-in-law works for the fire department and often works holidays. The family schedule gets a little mixed up from time to time.) I wanted a traditional feast and yet a whole turkey for two seemed a bit much. I finally came up with a perfect menu and this year thought I would share with the rest of world. We can’t be the only ones who have ever found ourselves in such a predicament and others may find this helpful. First, the turkey became turkey sandwiches. My husband loves leftover turkey and cranberry sauce sandwiches, so I bought turkey from the deli and, of course, cranberry sauce. My husband’s other favorite is sweet potatoes with the marshmellows. I called his aunt and sweetly requested the recipe he grew up with and added yummy yams. Finally, I suggest adding a green veggie like my favorite, a green bean casserole. This rounds out the feast quite well and is somewhat simple without having too many leftovers. I like that with this menu I still feel like it’s a traditional meal. I do hope someone finds this simple feast helpful. I wish everyone a happy and safe Thanksgiving!

photo courtesy of Flicker

Wheelbarrows and Cheese Dreams

Sometime ago I showed you a couple of Betty Crocker Cookbooks I found at the flea market. I promised to share a little from each book at a later time. Here is the first of many installments. All of the following pictures came from the pages of Betty Crocker’s Good and Easy Cook Book circa 1954.

I love the idea of an afternoon tea party. It sounds like so much fun!

I have encountered popovers while reading such things as Little Women. I hope to find out now just what a popover is and how it tastes.

The following two pages will give one all one needs to know about proper lunchboxes and preparing the proper lunch. My husband is quite excited as now I will know how prepare him an appetizing, 4-star boxed lunch.

Some helpful instructions for making a wonderful sandwich.

Ever thought of cooking your food in a wheelbarrow? Now you can make that dream come true!

Hubby says, “Talk about a meal on the go!”

Ever wonder just how long some standard menus have been around?

A grill cheese sandwich will never cross these lips again! From now on I will eat only “Cheese Dreams!”

I hope you have enjoyed this little journey through a cook book. All kidding aside, I found some lovely recipes and ideas in this little book which I am looking forward to trying. Remember to always look for gems of joy!

Money Saving Ideas and Tips

In my meandurings on the World Wide Web, I occasionally come across an item that I feel may be of interest to you, my dear readers. Acting responsibly is so important. This is as true of our planet as in other aspects of our lives. If we don’t take care of our home/planet, then who will? In the past living green has been expensive and sometimes it still can be. However, I have found that there are many little things we can do that help the planet and cost very little. I recently came across this list on Inhabitots and felt that it was worth passing forward. The list includes things such as planting a vegetable garden and using cloth napkins. Some of the items on the list can be big money savers. To read the full list click here. In the interest of saving money, visit $5 Dinners. This is actually a blog I ran across the other day. The woman who writes the blog shares recipes for making nutritious meals for your family that only cost $5 per meal. She also shares shopping and coupon tips. She started her blog when gas prices sky rocketed and her family needed to save money somewhere. Groceries, etc is the one area of budgets we have the most control over, so that’s where she started and she’s sharing what she learns. I am still quite new to this blog, but am infatuated with the concept and hope it may be of some use and interest to you.

Vintage Christmas Goodies – Website of the Week!

Aren’t these cupcakes beautiful? I just love the vintage Christmas feel. These cupcake decoration kits can be found at Bake It Pretty along with all kinds of wonderful, whimsical, goodies.

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