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Highlights from Etsy

One day while perusing the World Wide Web I discovered the most delightful Etsy shop. Love to Party is brimming with brightly colored, gorgeous party supplies. There are cupcake kits, cupcake toppers, straws, candles, and all sorts of goodies. I especially loved the tiara cupcake toppers (perfect for my littlest niece) and my nephew would love the cowboy cupcake kit. I fell instantly in love with so many of the kits that I couldn’t possibly choose a favorite. This shop is the perfect place to visit when planning a party!


Highlights From Etsy

Not long ago I discovered a blog called grace + ivy.  It is a beautiful blog full of lovely photos.  It has quickly become one of my favorite places to visit.  Ivette the talented author of grace + ivy has recently opened an Etsy shop full of lovely vintage pieces.  Here are some of my favorites.

Please do visit Curate and Love and see all the loveliness for yourself and don’t forget to visit Ivette’s blog as well.

Lissie Loves. . . .

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1. This awesome pillow found in June’s Traditional Home Magazine. Click here to order.

2. This piece of graphic art from João Lauro Fonte made me smile!

3. She Walks Softly has an interesting post about these picture records from Vogue.

4. The lovely clothing at Chic Wish.

Hello Dear Friends

How has your summer been? I do hope you are having fun and staying cool. It is hot and humid here in Texas and although I am enjoying my summer, I am looking forward to cooler weather. I have played with my nieces and nephews, went to a baby shower for a dear family friend. You know, one of those people who although isn’t related is just like family. I have watched Carly grow from a sweet little baby into a beautiful young woman.

It was so much fun to see her and wish her a very happy future. I also went shopping with my niece, mom, and sister. A little girl time is always fun, even more so when shopping is involved. I purchased a pair of really cute, red, heart earrings on sale, and my mom bought me an awesome shirt. After this adventure filled Memorial Day Weekend hubby took a week off of work. We spent it hanging around the house, chillin’ out, and relaxing. It may not have been very exciting, but is was fun and a much needed break. I have found a few treasures lately in our regular visits to the local flea market. I purchased two adorable vintage scarves. I loved the image on this one.

And this one was just too cute not to bring home.

Quite coincidentally, I found this lovely post on Elegant Musings all about vintage scarves. Please do check it out!
I also purchased a glamourous and gorgoreous tiara because every girl needs a pretty crown! It is just one of those little things that can make one feel beautiful and special.

I couldn’t resist this little gramophone pencil sharpener.

One of my favorite finds was this towel with a map of Ireland! How cool is this?

We spent a lovely evening with dear friends grilling burgers and eating brownies and ice cream. It is so fun just to sit and visit for bit. We all seem to be so busy and it’s hard to find a date when everyone is free. Everyone had fun and I know we all cherished the time together. Lastly, but not least, my husband brought home a vintage typewriter. It is an old Remington that the school was going to throw out. Micah rescued it and says he is going to type his novel on it. I think it is cool to have a piece of history sitting on the desk. It’s fun to type on too!

June has indeed been a fun and busy month! We are looking forward to the long weekend. We are not sure yet just what we will do. What about you? Have you big plans for the 4th of July weekend? Wherever you are and whatever you do, have fun, cherish time with family and friends, and please do stay safe!

New Treasures

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Bottle caddy turned silverware caddy!

Glamourous head vase = early Anniversary gift!

Lovely vintage tin!

Chenille clutch and DuBarry face powder

Highlights From Etsy – Picnic Part 2

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Hello all!  I’m back with some more picnic fun from Etsy.  This week we’ll be looking at planning, food, and what to wear.

1. dellcovespices Add a little spice to your BBQ or outdoor picnic with this spice kit.
2. jollytimeone I just love this vintage ice chest!

I even found some cookbooks to help you in planning the menu!
3. JewelsofthePast
4. CookbookMaven

5. Sweetapple30 I love, love, love this necklace!!!
6. SmallEarthVintage A pretty summer dress, perfect for any outdoor gathering.
7. OwlCreekVintage
8. hopespantry This strawberry pineapple homemade jam looks delicious!
9. jellycake These little hairpins are so sweet. They would be just charming worn to a picnic wouldn’t they?

Highlights From Etsy – Picnic Part 1

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We’ve had some lovely weather lately and Memorial Day is just around the corner so I’ve had picnics on my mind. I decided to see just Etsy had to help me get ready for summer picnics. I found so many beautiful things that I simply had to divide this post or it would have been quite overwhelming. Today we begin our picnic planning with basket, dishes, and tablecloth.

1. kawaiigoodies She has quite a variety of these cute sandwich/cookie cutters.
2. prairieantiques
3. Bagitconscious These reusable sandwich and snack bags are so cute. A wide variety of colors and prints are available.
4. OopsyGirl
5. OpenDoorStudio I couldn’t resist adding this cute outdoor game. My pawpaw had one of these which we played with every time we visited. This brought back so many memories.
6. dustanddawn
7. knifeinthewater
8. thefoxandthespoon I love these old aluminum cups. I went looking for them for the purpose of drinking from them. After seeing this picture I think they would make lovely, simple centerpieces. Perfect for any outdoor gathering.
9. VintageSkye

Hope you’ve enjoyed seeing all the pretty picnic goodies on Etsy. Stay tuned for Part 2 coming next week!

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