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Happy May Day Everyone!

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Courtesy of Graphics Fairy

A May Day Carol

The moon shines bright, the stars give a light,
A little before ’tis day;
Our Heavenly Father, He called to us,
And bid us awake and pray.

Awake, awake, oh pretty, pretty maid,
Out of your drowsy dream;
And step into your dairy below,
And fetch me a bowl of cream.

If not a bowl of thy sweet cream,
A cup to bring me cheer;
For the Lord knows when we shall meet again,
To go Maying another year.

I have been wandering all this night,
And some time of this day;
And now returning home again,
I’ve brought you a branch of May.

A branch of May I’ve brought you here,
And at your door I stand;
‘Tis nothing but a sprout, but well budded out,
By the work of our Lord’s hand.

My song is done and I must be gone,
No longer can I stay;
So it’s God bless you all, both great and small,
And send you a joyful May.

Old Carol


Happy Easter Everyone!

I hope all of you have a lovely, happy Easter! I thought I’d share a few Easter pics from my childhood.

I always loved dressing up in pretty frilly dresses on Easter! The rest of the time I was tomboy. My girly side ruled on Easter. Of course hunting for eggs and seeing what the Easter bunny brought was always fun too! Have fun, eat a little chocolate, and the give the Easter bunny a hug!

Love Is. . .

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone!!!

A little music for Valentine’s Day!

I visit a blog called Stax o’ Wax on a regular basis. Esther has a wonderful collection of records and she’s kind enough to share them with us. We have quite a collection of records and I love listening to the old music. It’s fun to see what kind of treasures Esther has. This week, I discovered the soundtrack to An Affair to Remember and simply had to download it. I thought that this might make the perfect music for Valentine’s Day and it seemed the perfect way to share Esther’s blog with all of you. So, go check it out and see what treasures you can find. And for my fellow Trekkers, she has all of Leonard Nimoy’s albums. So awesome!!!

Click here to download An Affair to Remember.

SuperFriends Valentines!!!

Mark Anderson at Andertoons was sweet enough to share this super cute, awesome SuperFriends Valentine book from 1980 with all of us. It is free to download and use as you please. I have some nephews that I think will just adore it!

Click here to download these SuperFriends!

Ground Hog Day!

In February when few gusty flakes
Above the frozen sheets of snow still hover,
Out of his hole the sleepy ground hog breaks
To peak around to see if winter’s over.

Now if he finds his shadow, back he shies
To nap while deeper drifts the wind shall bring;
But if no shadow shows beneath dark skies
He waddles through the ditch to look for spring.


Valentine’s Day Giveaway!!

I am hosting my first ever giveaway in honor of Valentine’s Day! One lucky winner will receive a pair of heart earrings in their color of choice. They are available in blue, pink, green, and purple!

To enter to win do one or all of the following:
1. Leave a comment on this post.
2. Become a fan of the Butterfly Dreams facebook page by clicking here or on the badge in the sidebar.
3. Post about this giveaway on your blog or facebook page. And don’t forget to link back here in your post!

You will get one entry for each of the above that you do. A random winner will be chosen on January 30, 2011!

Editor’s Note: Please leave a comment letting me know that you posted on your blog and/or facebook! Thank you!!!