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Website of the Week

Women on Wednesday – Kim Edwards

I had heard alot of talk about Kim Edwards’ book, The Memory Keeper’s Daughter while traveling around the forums on Goodreads. I decided to check out the book for myself and see if it looked interesting to me. In the meantime I found a collection of short stories by her called The Secrets of the Fire King. These looked intriguing and I thought they might be a good introduction to her writing. I purchased the book and brought it home. As usual, my TBR grows faster than I can read, so book has been on my shelf for awhile. I recently picked it up and began reading. I was completely blown away by the first story. I paused a bit letting the words sink in and thinking about the tale. I soon read the next story and was again blown away. Each story thus far has been amazing. Her writing is extraordinary and I am in love. I can’t wait to read the next story and yet, I want to savor each one and not read too quickly. I don’t want the book to end. I haven’t read The Memory Keeper’s Daughter just yet, but I have the book and am looking forward to it. I am glad to have it waiting for me when I do finish the collection of short stories. This author and her writing have quickly moved to top of my list of faves. I’ll be rereading her work for years to come!

You can visit Kim Edwards’ site by clicking here. Also, I found a lovely interview at BookBrowse. You can read it by clicking here.

Author’s note: Women on Wednesday is hosted by West of Mars’ Rocks ‘N Reads. This is an opportunity to highlight women authors. Click here to learn more and join in the fun.


More Sock Monkey Fun – Website of the Week!

I received a lovely comment from Jan Christiansen at Sock Monkey Ranch regarding my post about Blue Sapphire and her sock monkeys. Well, I had no choice but to visit Sock Monkey Ranch and instantly fell in love.

You must go and meet Miss Millie and Dusty. They run Sock Monkey Ranch. You can even read their diaries/journals. You’ll also find a monkey gallery and Tumbleweed’s Tall Tales. It is truly a delightful place to visit. I also visited Ms. Christiansen’s Etsy store and blog. She has some charming sock monkeys and sock monkey themed items in her shop. The inventory changes often so check back frequently. I know I will. Her blog is as lovely as Jan, herself. It is now among my favorite places to visit. Please don’t miss out on all the sock monkey fun! Oh, and check out the videos on the sidebar. You’ll find a lovely video that Ms. Christiansen titled “Sock Monkeys Way Out West.”

Website of the Week – Doe-C-Doe!

One day last week while perusing Craftzine, I came across these charming vintage pattern embroidery collages. I immediately clicked on the link to see more. This led me to Doe-C-Doe’s blog and Etsy store. Doe-C-Doe’s blog is delightful fun! I am enamored of her embroidery transfers and projects. Her photo of Mister F. Price had me in stitches as I recalled my own childhood. Upon entering her shop I discovered more vintagey goodness. There were sweet embroidery collages, lovely rings made of vintage earrings, and ready to hang embroidery hoop collages. I highly recommend a visit to her blog and shop. You won’t regret it!

Website of the Week – Vintage Indie!

Do you like flea markets and thrift stores? Do you like vintage and vintage inspired design? If you answered yes, then you must visit Vintage Indie! This is one of my favorite blogs! I read it on a regular basis and find lots of cool items and ideas. Vintage Indie also has weekly giveaways. I was blessed enough to be a winner not long ago. I eagerly anticipated the arrival of my prize and was so excited to finally find a package in the mail. I won a clutch from Amy at The Peach. She also included an awesome little freebie.

Here’s me in my new purple hat with my wonderful new clutch! Aren’t the cupcakes adorable?

Here’s my awesome freebie! I’m thinking of making the little record player into a magnet. I can’t decide whether to make thumbtacks or jewelry out of the little records. So many ideas!
You will also find some great tutorials at Vintage Indie. Last night I found this wonderful tutorial for making corsages. Aren’t these delightful?!

I truly hope I’ve convinced you to visit Vintage Indie. It will definitely be worth your time.

Website of the Week – All About Papercutting!

I stumbled upon this website today and immediately thought of my readers. I have noticed that one of my most popular posts has been the one about Chinese Papercutting. This blog has been put together by an artist living in California. She has recently discovered papercutting and is sharing her work plus lots of information and links. She has some beautiful work. I am amazed by this art and what people like Elsita can do. Please visit her site. I promise you lots of eye candy and inspiration.

Website of the Week – Anticraft!

This is a unique and fun website that I highly recommend for any crafter with a novel sense of humor and perhaps a love of the macabre. These crafters love creating and making things that are highly eccentric and fun. This is definitely not your grandma’s crochet. It is however, fun ( have I mentioned the word fun yet?) and even in its own peculiar way charming. While perusing their sight I found these delightfully dark and somewhat gothic angels.

I can’t wait for my next trip to the dollar store. I’ll also have my eyes wide open during the after Christmas sales. If you love crafting and want your projects to stand out, then I recommend visiting Anticraft. You will find a great deal of inspiration waiting for you. Don’t forget to check out their blog while you’re there.

Website of the Week – Natural Beauty Workshop

I want to share this website. Naturalbeautyworkshop is a blog sponsored by from Nature with Love. From Nature was founded by Kibby and Jay. They first became aware of natural and organic ingredients in skin care when their daughter was diagnosed with eczema. They share their knowledge through the blog and sell many products that can be used in making your own skin care products. The blog is full of interesting and helpful information like making all natural body powders. It even tells you how to make these cute powder puffs.

If you are looking for more information on organic and natural ingredients or recipes or ideas for ingredients you can add to your own recipes then this blog should be on your list of places to go.

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