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A Little Home Decor DIY

While flipping through my copy of Romantic Country I came across this lovely fall centerpiece idea!

I was inspired and decided to get a little creative. I pulled out all kinds of fall goodies and a couple of pedestal cake stands and made this.


Summer Patriotic Centerpiece

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I made this centerpiece today using an old glass milk jar, silk flowers, ribbon, patriotic bead necklaces, and an American flag. I bought red cherry blossoms, white carnations, and blue gentlemen’s buttons in the floral department at Wal-Mart. I the found the patriotic ribbon there as well. I filled the glass milk jar with red, clear, and blue glass stones and one silver/star beaded necklace purchased last year at the 4th of July. I added the flowers and the flag next. I had a little trouble with the ribbon until my sweet husband came up with the idea of tying the ribbon like a man’s bowtie. It is a little loose, but this worked really well. While he was playing with the ribbon, I was playing with a blue/star necklace, looping it around the mouth of the milk jar. My necklace ended up working beautifully with the bowtie ribbon. The arrangement sits between two red candles in silver candlesticks. I am quite pleased by the outcome. I believe my little arrangement looks very lovely.

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