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Attic Treasures

Hello and welcome to a new, old feature here on Butterfly Dreams. I love sharing the treasures I find at flea markets and thrift stores. Coming up with a different name for each post of this nature is not so much fun. As a result I have decided to introduce a new/old feature called Attic Treasures where I will share photos of my latest treasures. Here you will find all sorts of vintage treasures and will have all the fun of exploring grandma’s attic or in my case grandpa’s garage. My grandpa loved yard sales and auctions. He bought all kinds of stuff and then had his own garage sales. His garage was always full of stuff. It was a grand adventure to dig in all the boxes and see what treasures I could find. I am still treasure hunting today. Most recently, I uncovered this pretty alarm clock.

I just love the colors and it’s perfect on my bedside table.

Over the summer I found several treasures while visiting my mom. One of those was this very pretty, glamourous lipstick holder/mirror. I carry it in my make up bag and feel so elegant and glamourous whenever I use it.

For awhile now I have been searching for a red beaded necklace. I was thrilled to find this one in my favorite booth. It’s perfect.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this maiden voyage of Attic Treasures! There will be more to come! Happy Hunting!!!!


New Treasures

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Bottle caddy turned silverware caddy!

Glamourous head vase = early Anniversary gift!

Lovely vintage tin!

Chenille clutch and DuBarry face powder

Vintage Ad Friday – Charles of the Ritz

Charles Jundt took over a Manhattan beauty salon in 1916. This salon was located in the New York City Ritz (Ritz-Carlton) hotel. Mr. Jundt founded his own cosmetics company is 1919 and began marketing beauty products under the name “Charles of the Ritz” in 1926. A line of perfumes was added in 1927. Further research revealed that Charles of the Ritz created and sold Jean Nate beginning in 1935. Jean Nate always reminds me of my grandma. She always had the body splash and bath soap in her bathroom. Also, I just really liked this summer time ad. I am quite enamored of the old soda fountains and wish we still had places like this around today. It would be so much fun!

Vintage Ad Friday – Comtesse Jeanne du Barry

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Comtesse Jeanne du Barry was a great beauty. She was born in 1743. After a convent education, she became a shop assistant in Paris. While working in Paris she meets Count Du Barri at a gaming house and becomes his mistress. He gives her to King Louis XV as a gift. She was in this manner a part of the royal court when Marie Antoinette became the Dauphine.

It is Madame du Barry from which DuBarry Cosmetics gets its name. I came across a book titled, Total Beauty, copyrighted 1972 and put out by DuBarry Cosmetics. The book encourages young women to look inside as well as outside for beauty. It encourages hobbies and reading as a means of improving the mind and spirit and thus improving beauty. It also admonishes young women to eat healthy foods, plenty of fruits and vegetables. Finally it dwells upon the skin care and beauty products made by DuBarry that can enhance a woman’s beauty. It ends with brief history of cosmetics which I found particularly interesting. I also like the facial exercises designed to tone the muscles in the face. They were quite amusing.

Finally, it’s time for the ads. All of which are courtesy of VintageAdBrowser.

Retro Make-Up How-tos!

I found these handy guides for applying retro make-up and just had to share. I like playing with make-up and trying different colors or styles especially when its vintage.

Retro Make-Up Guide
1940’s Fashion – Make-Up Guide
1930’s Make-Up Guide

While you’re there check out the rest of the Glamour Daze blog. You’ll find some truly wonderful articles and pictures.

Lucky Magzine – Cool Finds!

I love the fall and spring fashion issues of magazines. I love to see what’s on the runways. I am usually looking for colors, styles, etc. This information can be helpful when making jewelry. Recently, I discovered Lucky Magazine. The good folks at Lucky are all about the clothes, shoes, accessories, and beauty products. You won’t find anything else in this magazine and it’s less expensive than most of the others. I have especially enjoyed their September issue which is on newsstands now. They ran an article about organic and earth friendly cosmetics. Pick up a copy to see their favorites. The article also included a list of websites. Some of these are for purchases, some for information, and some for both.

I haven’t checked out all of these sites, but I look forward to the adventure and though some of you might be interested as well.

I also wanted to share this little find courtesy of Lucky Magazine. I am always on the lookout for a great lip balm that moisturizes and adds a little color or shine. This stuff definitely fits the bill. I found it at Walgreens and the lady who checked me out just happened to have a coupon for a dollar off the regular price. Not a bad deal. You can also find it at It comes in passion fruit, cherry, and pearly shimmer. So, hit your local magazine stand if you’re feeling “lucky.”

Press On Eye Shadow

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“Would you use press on eye shadow?” This question was posed by Retrodiva on her blog, daily dose of coffee. I was intrigued. It seems a rather unusual and I’m not at all sure it will work, but I’d admit I’m curious. I thought perhaps some of you might be curious as well, so go on over to Daily Dose of Coffee or visit Sephora Cosmetics and find out all about it.

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