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A little Halloween Goodness

We’ve been working on our Halloween decorations this week and I just couldn’t wait to share a few pictures!


Easy Computer Decor

My husband had been looking for a way to decorate his netbook. He wanted to personalize it and show a little something of his character. One day while strolling the aisles at the Dollar Tree, we stumbled upon wall stickers. We thought they might be the perfect solution. They are repositionable and so they won’t leave any sticky behind. I couldn’t resist a few butterflies for my computer as well.

It’s Beginning to Look Alot Like Christmas!

I realize I’ve been absent for about a week and I want to apologize for leaving without explanation. My sister needed help taking care of her two youngest. Both came down with the flu and my babysitting skills were required. I was happy to help! Unfortunately, these things never happen with advance notice. All are well now, happy and smiling. Since returning home, this is the first chance I’ve had to write. I thought I might share a bit of our Christmas decorations.

This is our lovely tree. I may be a bit partial, but I do love our little tree. It is warm and inviting with its traditional, vintage look and feel.

Back in the spring, I found a lovely collection of wooden ornaments at a yard sale (see post). This little table tree is the perfect way to showcase my lovely garage sale treasure.

My Aunt Shirley made the penguin and my mom gave me the wreath. I was inspired to hang them on the same nail and am quite pleased with the overall effect.

Next are a couple of views of our mantel. I used this fruit in a similar manner several years ago. Hubby made a special request this year, so I pulled it out again. Around here we prefer a traditional, vintage feel to our Christmas decor.

I couldn’t resist sharing a pic of the tabletop display which showcases my cute little elf. I also want to let you all in on a little secret regarding the candle and wreath. I bought that little wreath at a dollar store and it has been indispensible. I never glue anything down. I decorate a little differently each year depending upon how we choose to utilize our other decor. I’ve used candy cane striped bows and snowmen as well as fruit. It was an inexpensive find and fun to play with each year.

And finally. . . .
my sweet little deer.

Halloween Decor Part 2

I spent most of last week preparing to be out of town for the weekend. This meant a few chores, laundry, packing, and wrapping a birthday present! I thought that if I could get my decor pictures taken, than perhaps over the weekend I might get a post written. I thought I had succeeded in this until I realized some pictures that I quite forgot to take. I had three frames that held spooky silhouettes last year. However, I have about a dozen of the crows gracing walls and corners. The three silhouettes from last year just seemed a bit too much. After thinking on it a bit, I remembered finding and printing some paperdolls complete with Halloween costumes. It took a little a digging, but I finally found them and some perfect scrapbooking papers to match. I am quite pleased with the final result. It was a relatively simple and easy project which looks great!

A Little Christmas Goodness

I wanted to share with you a few pics of our Christmas decorations.

This is our tree. Please make note of the aluminum star on top. We made that when we first got married six years ago. We couldn’t find a star we liked, so we made our own. Now, I wouldn’t use any other tree topper.

This is a close up of the goodies under the tree. The little teddy bear in Santa slippers belonged to my Grandma Morgan. The snowmen are cuties we’ve collected over the years.

I wanted something vintage looking for the tree this year. I found these Santa ornaments at a local flea market. Aren’t they pretty?

Target has an abundance of trees and ornaments this year. I walked past aisles of mirrored glass trees, feather trees, and fancy ornaments. I left with these little bells. Aren’t they gorgeous?

We have an assortment of these little felt ornaments made by my Grandma Morgan. I can’t imagine a Christmas tree without these.

Our mantel in all its Christmas wonder. I just love my little vintage looking flocked trees. I searched and searched for these last year.

I found this tray at a flea market in DeQueen over the weekend. It was a steal at only a $1.00.  Also, make note of the snow globes. They look just like the ones we had as kids. Do you remember them?

I found these carolers at the same flea market mentioned above. I just thought they had character. Plus, Hubby likes the mustache.

I don’t remember where we found this sign, but I do love it. It goes up every year.

Finally, our table.

My Mom gave me this candy dish this year. My Grandma Morgan painted it years ago. Doesn’t it look great on our table. I am noticing as I write that I seem to be surrounded by memories of my Grandma. It wouldn’t be Christmas without her.

I have saved the best for last. This beautiful snowgirl was purchased this year. I simply love her. Everytime I look at her I smile. She just makes feel so happy.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Count Your Blessings!

Has anyone else noticed that as soon as the Halloween goodies are gone from the store shelves, the Christmas goodies appear? It’s already starting to get more and more crowded at the stores. My nephews are already talking about Christmas trees and their Mom and Dad have already put up lights outside. I love Christmas! It is one of my fave holidays and I have nothing against Christmas trees or lights. I only have one question. What happened to Thanksgiving? You remember Thanksgiving don’t you? It’s that day set aside to count our blessings and show some gratitude. If you’re still having trouble remembering then think about pilgrims, indians, turkey, and pumpkin pie! Remember, yet? Well, I’ve been giving a great deal of thought to Thanksgiving and even making a “blessings” list to help put me in the right frame of mind. Thus far my list includes my sweet husband, my nieces and nephews, my newest niece (Kyleigh) coming into this world happy and healthy, my new hat of course (see previous post), email from The Peach (my package is on its way), and even the mundane, like finished laundry. I have also decided to participate in National Tie One On Day (see button at right)! I purchased an apron the other day and plan to deliver it and some pumpkin bread to some dear friends. I’m already looking forward to the opportunity to visit with my adopted grandparents. And finally in the spirit of Autumn and Thanksgiving my decorations.

Simple table decor

These flowers and paper decorations are found on a record stand

These cardboard cutouts were purchased 3 for $1.00 and remind me of my childhood! They are gracing my kitchen cabinets.
Have a Wonderful Thanksgiving and don’t forget to Count your Blessings!

Halloween Party Success!

After months of planning and a week of decorating, shopping, and cleaning the big night finally arrived! Our friends came, music played, and the party began. It was deemed our “best party ever!” Our friend and fellow host arrived Saturday afternoon and we began decorating the maze. There were signs to paint!

A white rabbit to make and hang –

A rabbit must have a tail.

Now the top must be attached to the bottom.

Catch of the day!

Hang him in a tree and all done!
Wait, what would Alice in Wonderland be without the Madhatter’s Tea Party?

We mustn’t forget the chopping block –

or the Jabberwocky’s eggs.

The Jabberwocky eggs were a big hit with the kids. We made four of them out of balloons and paper mache. Each child who found an egg, won a prize. The maze itself was also a big hit with the kids. Our first guest to arrive was a sweet little butterfly. She is the daughter of dear friends.

They also brought this delicious pumpkin bread.

These wonderful candy apples were provided by my brother-in-law and sister-in-law. I have to say a big thank you here, not only for the apples, but also for the rotel dip. In the past not much food has been eaten, so naturally I underprepared. I only purchased one can of Rotel. We ran out of dip and my sister-in-law sent her husband after another can. She even took over the kitchen and got it made up while I was otherwise entertaining. So, THANK YOU!!

Uncle Micah’s hats are loved by all.

Here is a group shot of all the kids in attendance.

Have a Happy Halloween Everyone!

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