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A Little Home Decor DIY

While flipping through my copy of Romantic Country I came across this lovely fall centerpiece idea!

I was inspired and decided to get a little creative. I pulled out all kinds of fall goodies and a couple of pedestal cake stands and made this.


Decorating Blast From the Past

There are some things I really like about the Victorian look, but these big roses may be a bit too much!

I like the slide projector in this photo. Does anyone else remember the old slides? Do they even make slides anymore?

I love the shelving in this picture. As a book lover I’m always on the lookout for great shelves.

The bright colors in this room are fun and would be great in a child’s playroom!

The lighting in this room is pretty cool. I’ve seen quite a bit of modern light fixtures around the world wide web that are quite similar. Just google IQ light and you’ll soon see what I mean.

I just love the contrast between the dark paneling and light upholstery.

All of the above came from the Fall/Winter 1971 issue of McCall’s You-Do-It Decorating.

A Little Linky Love

My recent jaunts around the internet have yielded a few wonderful websites and cool ideas that demanded to be shared.

The folks at have put together a year of weekly diy roundups! So many projects and ideas to explore, so little time. Click here to have fun and be inspired!

Next up is the World of Mod Podge! I enjoy crafting and creating with this medium and was excited and thrilled to find a blog dedicated to it. You will find all kinds of projects and information in one place. I have only skimmed the surface of this wonderful resource and can’t wait to dig deeper!

I have kept various recipes for homemade play dough over the years. Its fun for the nieces and nephews and great for bible class. These receipes all required the use of the stove. Imagine my excitement at finding a receipe for microwave playdough! Tracy at Suddenly I See was gracious enough to share this receipe which is simple and fun. Thanks Tracy!

I have saved the best for last. I found ihanna and a kindred spirit all at once. Hanna has a wonderful, happy, joyful, creative blog that you simply must visit. You’ll find downloads, tutorials, articles, books, and so much more. Be sure to check out her 100 Ideas to Spark you into Creative Action.

Well, that’s all for now. Click away, be inspired, be joyful, and have a happy summer!

Website of the Week – One Pretty Thing

I love finding tutorials on the internet and getting the opportunity to try new things. Rachel Klein at One Pretty Thing has made it so much easier to find cool tutorials and diy projects. Rachel and her kitties scour the world wide web in search of tutorials and then share them with all of us in a blog format. One can find all kinds of things from magazine bows to dollar bill origami to sewing projects. Rachel also accepts submissions from anyone with a tutorial of their own.

Campfire Cakes

Bread & Honey has a wonderful tutorial showing you how to make these tasty little cakes. I haven’t had opportunity to try them yet. However, I can’t imagine how they could be anything but good.

Website of the Week!! The Best of DIY!!

I just stumbled upon this website moments ago and absolutely love it! The author, clockworkpink, has done an excellent job of scouring the web for the coolest of crafts. I love the cupcake scarf and the invisible book shelf mentioned in the first two blog posts. My favorite thing from page 1 simply has to be these Muppet head glasses holders.

I only wish I knew how to crochet. After seeing these and the aforementioned cupcake scarf I just may have to learn. I highly recommend this wonderful, fun site. Click here to visit The Best of DIY.

Vinyl Record Bookends/Website of the Week

As many of you know, hubby and I have recently begun collecting and listening to old records. We have really enjoyed the old music and the sound of the vinyl as well as the hunt for old albums. While perusing the ideas on DIYLife, I ran across these bookends. I immediately thought, “Cool!” This was followed by, “How sad.” I honestly don’t know whether to hate it or love it.

For other great ideas, crafts, and tips on just about everything visit DIYLife.

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