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Lissie Loves. . . . . .

Hey folks! I hope everyone is having a lovely, relaxing weekend! I thought I’d pop in and share a few things I’ve found this week while wandering around the web.

First up are these adorable deer found on SheWalksSoftly and made by Violetpie.

I discovered this darling book jewelry on Reading is Fashionable. Earrings, pins, necklaces, and hair accessories can all be found at BookEarrings.

Have you heard of the Vintagemobile. This old school bus travels around the Dallas area selling vintage clothing. I so want to visit this bus! I found the Vintagemobile on a recently discovered treasure of a blog, Gypsy Dust Vintage. You really should check it out!

Speaking of Gypsy Dust Vintage, it was there that I discovered the lovely illustrations of Inslee.

I am also excited to learn about the collaboration between milliner Albert Swanepoel and Target. Can’t wait for these to hit the shelves!

Ever wondered if you are a 21st Century Romantic?  Take this fun quiz on a bloomsbury life to find out.  While you are there check out the rest of her blog.  I think you’ll like it.

That’s all for now. I have more goodies I can’t wait to share, so see ya later.


Hello Dear Friends

How has your summer been? I do hope you are having fun and staying cool. It is hot and humid here in Texas and although I am enjoying my summer, I am looking forward to cooler weather. I have played with my nieces and nephews, went to a baby shower for a dear family friend. You know, one of those people who although isn’t related is just like family. I have watched Carly grow from a sweet little baby into a beautiful young woman.

It was so much fun to see her and wish her a very happy future. I also went shopping with my niece, mom, and sister. A little girl time is always fun, even more so when shopping is involved. I purchased a pair of really cute, red, heart earrings on sale, and my mom bought me an awesome shirt. After this adventure filled Memorial Day Weekend hubby took a week off of work. We spent it hanging around the house, chillin’ out, and relaxing. It may not have been very exciting, but is was fun and a much needed break. I have found a few treasures lately in our regular visits to the local flea market. I purchased two adorable vintage scarves. I loved the image on this one.

And this one was just too cute not to bring home.

Quite coincidentally, I found this lovely post on Elegant Musings all about vintage scarves. Please do check it out!
I also purchased a glamourous and gorgoreous tiara because every girl needs a pretty crown! It is just one of those little things that can make one feel beautiful and special.

I couldn’t resist this little gramophone pencil sharpener.

One of my favorite finds was this towel with a map of Ireland! How cool is this?

We spent a lovely evening with dear friends grilling burgers and eating brownies and ice cream. It is so fun just to sit and visit for bit. We all seem to be so busy and it’s hard to find a date when everyone is free. Everyone had fun and I know we all cherished the time together. Lastly, but not least, my husband brought home a vintage typewriter. It is an old Remington that the school was going to throw out. Micah rescued it and says he is going to type his novel on it. I think it is cool to have a piece of history sitting on the desk. It’s fun to type on too!

June has indeed been a fun and busy month! We are looking forward to the long weekend. We are not sure yet just what we will do. What about you? Have you big plans for the 4th of July weekend? Wherever you are and whatever you do, have fun, cherish time with family and friends, and please do stay safe!

Highlights From Etsy

I love red, white, and blue for summer and as of late have been enamored of all things sailor. In honor of the 4th of July Weekend, here are some sailor goodies found on Etsy.

1. I just adore these sailor totes from bayanhippo!
2. This throw pillow from Mazizmuse is so cute!
3. These earrings from Schmoo1515 are definitely on my wishlist!
4. If only I had the money, this vintage dress from CreatedandCollected would be mine!
5. This Nautical Bunting art print from TheJoyofColor is so pretty!
6. FablesbyBarrie has the cutest sailor swimsuit, don’t you think?
7. I love it when my husband picks up his Bay Rum or Old Spice aftershaves. This mariner soap by swanmountainsoaps contains sandlewood, bay rum, and spice. It sounds absolutely divine to me.
8. The anchor cameo and stripes make this hair bow from KoffinKitten near perfect!
9. I would love to write a letter on this 1930’s era stationary from Monday Pie. I wouldn’t receiving a letter written on it either!

Lissie Loves. . . .

Here are a few things I fell in love with on the internet this week.

I love these earrings found on Etsy at InspiredbyElizabeth! They are so glamourous!

Can anything be better than a house made of bookshelves? I don’t think so! See more at the Kazuya Morita Architecture Studio.

I was simply blown away by this French apartment decorated in a Moroccan style. Tres magnifique!!! You can see more at 79 Ideas.

I am fascinated by The Burning House site. What would you take if your house was burning? This is the question asked by Foster Huntington. People gather their chosen items, photograph them, and submit it to the website. It is interesting to say the least. So much can be learned about the individual from the picture.

Flexing Creative Muscles

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Today I decided it was high time I set aside business and stress and do a little something fun and creative. So I got up this morning and went into the kitchen and baked banana bread using this recipe from Vanilla and Lace.

The bread turned out perfectly delicious! I am so pleased with the recipe. It calls for honey instead of sugar and is super easy to make. Of course, I had even more fun using my vintage Sunbeam mixer.

After a break for lunch, I sat down to play with beads. I has this wonderful idea for a necklace and it turned out just the way I’d imagined! I love it when that happens!

This was made using a red coral rose pendant and Ruby dyed Jade beads! I used the same round beads to make this pair of pretty earrings!

I strayed a just a bit from the red to make this bracelet to go with an outfit of mine! I was quite pleased with the way it turned out!

Well, that’s about it for my day. Time to put my feet up and enjoy a good book!

Treasure Hunt

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I wanted to share with you some of the goodies I’ve picked up here and there.  This purse was found in one of my favorite booths at one of my favorite flea markets.  I am completely besotted with this handbag.  I carry it with me everywhere.  It’s just absolutely perfect!

I just thought that this Bible game was interesting. I haven’t seen one before and it even appears to have all its pieces.

I am always on the look out for affordable, darling little earrings. These little flowers were so pretty! I was very excited to be able to claim them and bring them home!

Finally, our library’s annual book sale not only yielded a great deal of wonderful reading material, but a selection of albums as well. These are all in near mint condition and were purchased for a mere song!

This is a ten disc set complete with booklet. Cost was only $1.00!

What can I say? I'm a band girl at heart!

This one will be perfect for Halloween!

Well, that’s it until the next treasure hunt!

Valentine’s Day Giveaway!!

I am hosting my first ever giveaway in honor of Valentine’s Day! One lucky winner will receive a pair of heart earrings in their color of choice. They are available in blue, pink, green, and purple!

To enter to win do one or all of the following:
1. Leave a comment on this post.
2. Become a fan of the Butterfly Dreams facebook page by clicking here or on the badge in the sidebar.
3. Post about this giveaway on your blog or facebook page. And don’t forget to link back here in your post!

You will get one entry for each of the above that you do. A random winner will be chosen on January 30, 2011!

Editor’s Note: Please leave a comment letting me know that you posted on your blog and/or facebook! Thank you!!!