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Water, Life, and other Stuff

I think we can all agree that water is precious and it gives life. One can’t truly understand just how precious water is until it’s gone. Texas has endured a drought this summer that has led to wildfires across the state. The loss of homes, land, trees, and life has been unbelievable. In our own small part of the state we’ve seen smoke so thick it looked liked great clouds and have found ourselves longing for running water. Our well has begun to go dry due to a lack of rain. There is a bit of water there, but not enough for laundry, dishes, baths, and all the other things which require water. We’ve been doing our best to conserve for the last few weeks and will continue to do so. We are blessed with good friends who have offered us a place to bathe and wash clothes. We are now using paper plates, bowls, cups, and plastic silverware. So far we are doing fine, but this lack of water has sure thrown our routine out of whack. All kinds of little things have come up. Things I never gave a thought to before are now of the greatest importance. Still we are very blessed. God is indeed very good!

I’ve also been very very busy getting ready to teach bible class, planning Halloween decorations and a small party, doing a little shopping, tackling a crafty project or two, and getting ready for my littlest niece’s 3rd birthday party. I hope to have some pictures for you soon. In the meantime here are a few things I’ve found around web that made me swoon.

These pet beds from Pipsqueak & Petunia are just too cute. They have lovely collars too!

I just love this filigree bat necklace found on She Walks Softly. It’s perfect for Halloween!

I would love to visit this tea parlor found on 79 Ideas! Isn’t it pretty?

And finally, I love this little cottage found on Hello My Dear. It’s so pretty. I love the white walls and the pops of color.


Highlights From Etsy

Today I have another delightful vintage shop to share with you.  ToucheVintage carries a variety of items perfect for decorating your home.  There all sorts of lovelies to see while perusing the aisles of this shop.  Some of my favorites were the toy rocking horses, the 1966 European map w/maptacks, the book of poetry, the darling vintage table cloth and the pretty basket.  What are some of your favorites?

Highlights From Etsy

I stumbled upon the delightful vintage shop, Monday Pie, while working on another post. There are so many fun, whimiscal things to see in this lovely little shop. I am enamored with the cute vintage art prints. There are so many from which to choose. I also love the Russian nesting dolls. They are so pretty with their bright colors and sweet faces. There is plenty to ooh and ahh over at Monday Pie, so please stop in for a visit!

Highlights from Etsy

One day while perusing the World Wide Web I discovered the most delightful Etsy shop. Love to Party is brimming with brightly colored, gorgeous party supplies. There are cupcake kits, cupcake toppers, straws, candles, and all sorts of goodies. I especially loved the tiara cupcake toppers (perfect for my littlest niece) and my nephew would love the cowboy cupcake kit. I fell instantly in love with so many of the kits that I couldn’t possibly choose a favorite. This shop is the perfect place to visit when planning a party!

Highlights From Etsy

Not long ago I discovered a blog called grace + ivy.  It is a beautiful blog full of lovely photos.  It has quickly become one of my favorite places to visit.  Ivette the talented author of grace + ivy has recently opened an Etsy shop full of lovely vintage pieces.  Here are some of my favorites.

Please do visit Curate and Love and see all the loveliness for yourself and don’t forget to visit Ivette’s blog as well.

Highlights From Etsy

I love red, white, and blue for summer and as of late have been enamored of all things sailor. In honor of the 4th of July Weekend, here are some sailor goodies found on Etsy.

1. I just adore these sailor totes from bayanhippo!
2. This throw pillow from Mazizmuse is so cute!
3. These earrings from Schmoo1515 are definitely on my wishlist!
4. If only I had the money, this vintage dress from CreatedandCollected would be mine!
5. This Nautical Bunting art print from TheJoyofColor is so pretty!
6. FablesbyBarrie has the cutest sailor swimsuit, don’t you think?
7. I love it when my husband picks up his Bay Rum or Old Spice aftershaves. This mariner soap by swanmountainsoaps contains sandlewood, bay rum, and spice. It sounds absolutely divine to me.
8. The anchor cameo and stripes make this hair bow from KoffinKitten near perfect!
9. I would love to write a letter on this 1930’s era stationary from Monday Pie. I wouldn’t receiving a letter written on it either!

Highlights From Etsy – Pearls

Pearl is the birthstone for the month of June.  I just happen to love pearls.  I have always felt they were beautiful and elegant, glamourous and simple.  Pearls are perfect even when they are imperfect.  Etsy is a fountain of pearls. Here are a just a few of my very favorites!

1. A lovely clutch from ScottieinaCanoe.
2. lonkoosh This bracelet has sold, but lonkoosh has many other goodies on its site. All of which are beautiful.
3. A gorgeous ring from ArtIsAPassion.
4. A beautiful fascinator from The Blossom Shop.
5. A pair of sweet crotcheted gloves from Schmoo1515.
6. A glamourous fleur de lis necklace from Chloe Boutique.

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