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A Little Home Decor DIY

While flipping through my copy of Romantic Country I came across this lovely fall centerpiece idea!

I was inspired and decided to get a little creative. I pulled out all kinds of fall goodies and a couple of pedestal cake stands and made this.


I saw this in Martha Stewart Living (Oct 2010) and instantly fell in love.  Isn’t this just beautiful?!  You can find templates and instructions on Martha’s website,  I’m going to have to try something like this myself.

Vintage Ad Friday

Fashion Advice Finally Worked!

Have you ever been flipping through a fashion magazine and read the advice about mixing and matching pieces from your wardrobe to create new, fun outfits? They will suggest things like pairing that ruffled shirt from two seasons ago with a boyfriend blazer and skinny jeans. It sounds so good and easy. The picture they show is so cute. Then you remember you never bought a ruffle shirt two seasons ago. And skinny jeans are just not your style. I can’t help thinking sometimes that these people would go into shock if they had to shop in my neck of the woods instead New York City. Well, lastnight I was perusing my favorite mags in search of the height of this year’s fall fashion. I noticed the scarves and an idea began to form in the back of my mind. I soon found myself in the bedroom with my favorite khaki skirt, two v-neck t-shirts (one black and one navy blue), a v-neck navy blue ribbed short-sleeved sweater, and a number of scarves I already owned. I’m standing next to the bed looking at this assortment and suddenly a number of different, cute and trendy outfits appeared before my very eyes. One of these was carefully chosen to wear to church service this morning.

Isn’t it cute? I was just giddy with excitement! I even thought that one could exchange the skirt for jeans or trousers. Even more fun outfits! I believe I may have made a fashion breakthrough! I know its completely frivolous, but fashion can sometimes be quite fun!

Fall Leaves Garland

Yesterday America voted and we voted for change! Talk shows, news shows, etc, they are all talking about Obama and the election. It seems somewhat easy to become indifferent until one realizes that we are living history. I wonder what our grandchildren and great-grandchildren’s textbooks will say about this election. What will they write about the days to come? What changes will we see? What impact will they have? In an effort to otherwise entertain my mind, I decided to get a little creative. A little ribbon, some glue dots, a package of leaves, and a little time was all it took to make this fall garland for our mantle. I am pleased with the end result, but would love to hear your comments. What do you think?

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