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Lissie Loves. . . . . .

Hey folks! I hope everyone is having a lovely, relaxing weekend! I thought I’d pop in and share a few things I’ve found this week while wandering around the web.

First up are these adorable deer found on SheWalksSoftly and made by Violetpie.

I discovered this darling book jewelry on Reading is Fashionable. Earrings, pins, necklaces, and hair accessories can all be found at BookEarrings.

Have you heard of the Vintagemobile. This old school bus travels around the Dallas area selling vintage clothing. I so want to visit this bus! I found the Vintagemobile on a recently discovered treasure of a blog, Gypsy Dust Vintage. You really should check it out!

Speaking of Gypsy Dust Vintage, it was there that I discovered the lovely illustrations of Inslee.

I am also excited to learn about the collaboration between milliner Albert Swanepoel and Target. Can’t wait for these to hit the shelves!

Ever wondered if you are a 21st Century Romantic?  Take this fun quiz on a bloomsbury life to find out.  While you are there check out the rest of her blog.  I think you’ll like it.

That’s all for now. I have more goodies I can’t wait to share, so see ya later.


Hats! Hats! Glorious Vintage Hats!

Aren’t these hats just glorious! I love them! They can all be found at Seams Forever along with lots and lots of other goodies.

Vintage Ad Friday – Straw Hats!

I love hats and I love this ad for Knox the Hatter. The scene on the beach just feels so summery. Oh, how I wish we could get to the beach this summer.

A Link Round-Up

My blogging has taken me around the world lately and I wanted to take a moment to share with all of you some wonderful, fun new blogs I have found.

I have long been interested in and fascinated by Asian culture. I love the rich colors found in their design. I was thrilled to discover An Indian Summer. Bhavana Bhatnagar is passionate about interior design and has created a blog full of beauty and rich colors with a “special focus on Asia and India.” You really must check out An Indian Summer. You won’t be disappointed.

An Indian Summer pointed me to another blog called Bolly Instyle. This blog finds and shares all things Asian and Indian or just inspired by Asia and India. You’ll find fashion, art, food, etc. There are enough goodies here to keep me busy for hours at a time.

Leaving Asia and traveling west I found myself in Paris. It was here I discovered two lovely blogs. Paris Parfait is written by Tara Bradford, a journalist who takes wonderful pictures and writes beautifully. She led me to The Paris Apartment written by Claudia who currently resides in the states and writes about design and decor on a flea market budget. She has lovely taste and an equally lovely blog. Please pay these ladies a visit.

Another style and design blog that needs to be mentioned is the English Muse. Tina Daunt, a writer covering Hollywood, politics, culture, and style, has created a beautiful blog. You’ll find all kinds of lovelies in this magic place.

I also wanted to mention a craft/indie design blog called Scoutie Girl. Tara, the author, is a believer in thinking big and creatively. In her words her blog “is all about thinking outside-the-box, embracing our own creativity, & being mindful of the way we consume.” It’s a beautiful blog and one which I am enjoying immensely.

Finally, if you happen to adore hats as I do–especially vintage ones–then you simply must visit The Vintage Hat Box. The Hat Parlor is full of beautiful, vintage hats. You will also find hat boxes, hat pins, gloves, jewelry, hand bags, and other accessories.

Click here to visit An Indian Summer.
Click here to visit Bolly Instyle.
Click here to visit Paris Parfait.
Click here to visit The Paris Apartment.
Click here to visit Scoutie Girl.
Click here to visit The English Muse.
Click here to visit The Vintage Hat Box.

Vintage Ad Friday – B. Altman & Co.

courtesy of VintageAdBrowser

B. Altman & Co. began as a dry goods store in 1864. It later became a high end department store. One could purchase elegant, expensive high fashion clothing or choose from a fine selection of imported fabrics and have a dress custom made. I found an interesting New York Times article telling all about the grand opening of one of their stores. Click here if you wish to read it. It details some of the various clothing items available as well as describing those in attendance. I chose to share these ads simply because I love the dresses and, of course, the hat! I just adore hats, especially vintage ones. They are so pretty!

courtesy of VintageAdBrowser

L and W

I discovered an little meme going round that looked like so much fun. Lucky little me got tagged twice! Beth F at the bfishreads blog tagged me with the letter L and Sizzle over at Sizzle Says tagged with the letter W. I thought that perhaps the best idea was to do both tags in one post. I have scratched my head and thought long and hard and finally come up with ten things that start with the letters L and W that I love. It has been something of a challenge, but also quite fun. If you would like to be tagged just leave a comment and let me know. I hope you enjoy!

The Letter “L”

1. Lissie···This is one of my nicknames. My Grandma called me Lissie and just hearing it said makes me think of her.

2. Little Women···This is my all-time favorite book. I have read it many times and hope to read it many more.

3. Lillian Jackson Braun···This author writes the Cat Who series of books. These are a delightfully fun, light read.

4. Letters···I spend quite a bit of time on the computer and I love emails, blogs, etc, however, I don’t believe there is anything quite so special as finding a handwritten letter in the mailbox.

5. Learning···I believe that learning is important to growing. I love learning new things and trying new things.

6. Levi’s···My all-time favorite jeans are my bootcut Levi’s.

7. Laughing/Laughter···Is any sound more beautiful than that of laughter. I am blessed to have a husband who keeps me laughing.

8. Long bows···We visited a Renaissance Faire over the summer and I tried my hand at the archery booth. I have been infatuated with archery and long bows ever since.

9. LP’s···I collect vinyl records. It is so much fun looking through stacks of old records at flea markets and thrift stores. I have found quite a few old treasures. My latest acquisitions include Ray Coniff and Blood, Sweat, and Tears.

10. Lizz Wright···I discovered her last year after getting my Zune and I love her voice. It’s indescribably beautiful.

The letter “W”

1. Wearing hats···It is a shame that wearing hats seems to have gone out of style for ladies. I love to wear to hats!

2. Writing/Writings···Not only do I love to write for my blog, but I love reading others writings. Blogs, Books, Magazines, I love to read them all!

3. Wings···Butterfly wings are so pretty and delicate. I love the colors and patterns and even the fragility of butterfly wings.

4. Wedding Ring···My wedding ring is made of a sterling silver Celtic Knot. The Celtic Knot is made up of one string or strand and is meant to remind us that we are all connected. Looking at it reminds me of my connection with my husband as well as his unusual marriage proposal.

5. Word puzzles···I love working crosswords and word seeks. This is one of my favorite ways of spending down time and just destressing. I remember my Grandma working crosswords. As a child I was never that interested. Somewhere along the way I discovered that I enjoyed them as much as Grandma.

6. Wiggles···I love tickling my nieces and nephews. I love their wiggles and laughter!

7. Wonder Woman···My favorite superhero is, of course, Wonder Woman. I grew up watching Linda Carter’s portrayal of Diana Prince and wished I had her powers.

8. Wolves···I have long been a fan of wolves. I’m not sure why. There is something mysterious about them. They also seemed to have a big role in many Native American beliefs and stories.

9. Wander and World’s Largest···I love wandering through flea markets hunting for treasures. I love the idea of wandering a new road and discovering new places. Hubby and I have talked about wandering the country looking for anything that starts with the World’s Largest when we retire. A fun road trip with a lot of unexpected surprises.

10. World Bible School···I am a teacher with the World Bible School. We send Bible lessons to people all over the world and spread the good news of Jesus Christ. I love doing this! We do not always get the results we hope for, but I believe we are “planting seeds” as Paul says. Someday I pray that they will bear fruit.

Complete with Hat and Gloves

While doing some Christmas shopping Friday night, my husband found this wonderful hat! It is so pretty and quite vintage looking. It just happened to be on sale and looks good with my round face (thanks grandma Morgan!). I just couldn’t resist bringing it home. I wore it to church Sunday morning and received many wonderful comments all around. A number of sweet ladies mentioned how they used to wear hats, how much their husbands liked them in hats, and even suggested getting their hats out once again. Who knows, maybe I’ve started a new trend! Trend or no, I absolutely adore and love my wonderful hat, and wanted to share with all of you!

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