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Welcome Home Baby Girl

It has been quite a weekend. It kicked off on Thursday night when my sweet baby girl, Licorice, decided she needed a little adventure. She’s strictly an indoor cat. She decided to explore the outside world a little and sneaked out. Micah spent 2-3 hours outside in the dark searching for an all black kitty. No Luck. We finally locked up, brushed our teeth, and went on to bed. I woke up at 6 o’clock in the morning and found my husband in the bathroom. He got tackled and sidelined by a stomach bug. The doctor who was by the way really kind and reassuring sent us to the hospital for lab work and an ex-ray. It was just a precaution, but scary and unnerving all the same. We finally made it home completely worn out. We both crashed. Then, Micah heard a scratching sound at the door, he peaked out, and there she was! Licorice is home, safe and sound! I could not have been more happy or exited to see her again. Micah is feeling much better and the rest of the weekend has been much more peaceful. All of this just to say Welcome Home Baby Girl!

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