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Attic Treasures

Hello and welcome to a new, old feature here on Butterfly Dreams. I love sharing the treasures I find at flea markets and thrift stores. Coming up with a different name for each post of this nature is not so much fun. As a result I have decided to introduce a new/old feature called Attic Treasures where I will share photos of my latest treasures. Here you will find all sorts of vintage treasures and will have all the fun of exploring grandma’s attic or in my case grandpa’s garage. My grandpa loved yard sales and auctions. He bought all kinds of stuff and then had his own garage sales. His garage was always full of stuff. It was a grand adventure to dig in all the boxes and see what treasures I could find. I am still treasure hunting today. Most recently, I uncovered this pretty alarm clock.

I just love the colors and it’s perfect on my bedside table.

Over the summer I found several treasures while visiting my mom. One of those was this very pretty, glamourous lipstick holder/mirror. I carry it in my make up bag and feel so elegant and glamourous whenever I use it.

For awhile now I have been searching for a red beaded necklace. I was thrilled to find this one in my favorite booth. It’s perfect.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this maiden voyage of Attic Treasures! There will be more to come! Happy Hunting!!!!


Hello Dear Friends

How has your summer been? I do hope you are having fun and staying cool. It is hot and humid here in Texas and although I am enjoying my summer, I am looking forward to cooler weather. I have played with my nieces and nephews, went to a baby shower for a dear family friend. You know, one of those people who although isn’t related is just like family. I have watched Carly grow from a sweet little baby into a beautiful young woman.

It was so much fun to see her and wish her a very happy future. I also went shopping with my niece, mom, and sister. A little girl time is always fun, even more so when shopping is involved. I purchased a pair of really cute, red, heart earrings on sale, and my mom bought me an awesome shirt. After this adventure filled Memorial Day Weekend hubby took a week off of work. We spent it hanging around the house, chillin’ out, and relaxing. It may not have been very exciting, but is was fun and a much needed break. I have found a few treasures lately in our regular visits to the local flea market. I purchased two adorable vintage scarves. I loved the image on this one.

And this one was just too cute not to bring home.

Quite coincidentally, I found this lovely post on Elegant Musings all about vintage scarves. Please do check it out!
I also purchased a glamourous and gorgoreous tiara because every girl needs a pretty crown! It is just one of those little things that can make one feel beautiful and special.

I couldn’t resist this little gramophone pencil sharpener.

One of my favorite finds was this towel with a map of Ireland! How cool is this?

We spent a lovely evening with dear friends grilling burgers and eating brownies and ice cream. It is so fun just to sit and visit for bit. We all seem to be so busy and it’s hard to find a date when everyone is free. Everyone had fun and I know we all cherished the time together. Lastly, but not least, my husband brought home a vintage typewriter. It is an old Remington that the school was going to throw out. Micah rescued it and says he is going to type his novel on it. I think it is cool to have a piece of history sitting on the desk. It’s fun to type on too!

June has indeed been a fun and busy month! We are looking forward to the long weekend. We are not sure yet just what we will do. What about you? Have you big plans for the 4th of July weekend? Wherever you are and whatever you do, have fun, cherish time with family and friends, and please do stay safe!

Treasure Hunt

Last weekend we got out of the house and went on a little vintage treasure hunt.  We had so much fun and we found some great treasures!

Isn’t this cherry red handbag awesome!  I’ve had my eye on it for awhile and finally brought it home.

These two portraits have a sticker on the back that says “A Cameo Creation.”  I discovered these last year and just fell in love.  I have found several in various places over the year and am excited to be able to add these to my collection.

I found these two necklaces and just thought that they were gorgeous!  The price was right, too!  Oh, and the pearl earrings aren’t vintage.  I found them on sale (1/2 off) at Kohl’s and was delighted.  They are a perfect match!

This was another awesome find.  My first Ray Conniff album was called “S’Marvelous.”  I found it when we first began collecting vinyl and I absolutely adore it.  I love Ray Conniff’s music and this album is a great addition to the collection.

I have often looked at vintage gloves.  They are so pretty, but usually not in the best of shape and rarely fit.  I have small hands and have always had a hard time finding any gloves that fit.  These fit perfectly and have the sweetest detailing.

Well, that’s it for this vintage treasure hunt.  I can’t wait for the next one!

Flea Market Style

Have you seen this magazine? It is full of beautiful pictures and wonderful ideas. As you’ve probably guessed by the title, it’s all about flea markets and the beautiful things you can make with the treasures you find there. It is just a great magazine and I’m thrilled to have found it! Click here to find out more and visit the magazine’s blog for more inspiration.

An Unexpected Treasure!

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Today, a sweet couple from church took us to lunch in exchange for a little electronic help. They had a computer issue and a new Wii to be installed. We have found that the computer guy is often called upon to help family and friends. Anyway, we had a lovely lunch at The Rose Garden cafe which shares space with Butterflies and Roses Antiques. We decided to walk quickly through the antique shop and ta da — two new treasures found their way home. One was a head vase made by Inarco in 1963. I had seen these vases in various places and although I adored them, they were sadly out of my price range. This lovely was the perfect price!

Isn’t she pretty? A little research revealed that several companies manufactured these vases in the 1950’s and 1960’s. They were used by florists and were quite popular. Inarco (International Art Ware Corporation) was founded by Irwin Garber in 1960. I found it quite interesting that it is believed that Garber’s wife, Roselle, was a model for a number of the vases. More information on these darling vases as well as price guides can be found at Kovel’s and The Head Vase Museum.

The other treasure was a May, 1938 issue of McCall’s magazine. I have only briefly flipped through the pages and am delighted by the ads and pictures. I can hardly wait to sit down and read through this little gem. I promise to share any and all interesting items found within its pages.

Flea Market Treasures!

A visit to my favorite flea market yielded some wonderful vintage treasures!

This first treasure was discovered just inside the door. I had noticed these lovely pictures on a prior visit, but wasn’t prepared to pay the asking price. This time, however, they were marked down. I brought all four pieces home, pics and mirrors, for a grand total of $2.99! I was absolutely tickled pink!

These last two treasures were found in a booth in the back. I have found several lovely treasures in this booth like my shiny brites at Christmas! This time I found a wonderful vintage handbag and a bright colored cosmetic case. I just fell in love with this handbag and am looking forward to carrying it to church this summer!

This little case stole my heart. It was love at first sight! I’m not sure what I love most, the bright sunshiny colors or the perfect pink butterflies! I just knew I had to have it!

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